Friday, March 10, 2017

#NewRelease: Find Me by Cynthia Noble

Find Me

Drowning his sorrows in a hotel bar, jilted groom Colin is intent on knocking back scotches until he forgets his horrid day. Enter Jillian, herself enduring an awful day, and eager to find an ear. Resistant at first, he soon finds himself intrigued by her and their mutual sour moods lead to an exciting night.
 The next morning, he awakens alone, and strangely forlorn. The discovery of Jillian's forgotten earrings lends an opportunity to see her again although he’s unsure she’ll want that. Both rebounding from failed relationships, a one-night stand is a poor basis for a union, but Colin can't drive Jillian from his mind, and embarks on a mission to find her, return her earrings, and, hopefully, begin dating her.
 However, more than only sharing a passing fling influences Jillian. She's guarding a secret, one that could change both their lives forever.


Quickies are short stories and novellas with a scorching heat level. True to their name, they are quick reads but extremely satisfying. Indulge in a Quickie today. You won’t be disappointed.



These stories may contain words or language that are considered profane, vulgar, or offensive by some readers. Some scenes may be considered objectionable or offensive. For example, some scenes contain graphic depictions of violence, human anatomy, or sexual acts, and as such may contain triggers for some readers.


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