Friday, March 6, 2015

#NewRelease: Tonya's Dirty Secret by K.S. Dexter

Tonya has struggled to keep her head above water. Her best friend Nicole tells her about a webcam job, she won't even have to leave her house. Will she be able to do the job and survive?

About the author:
K.S Dexter is from Michigan where she was raised after being born in California. Her mother and father moved back to Michigan when he was finished with the Marines. She has traveled a little bit in her life going to, GA, NC, SC, VA and she would like to do more once her children are born.
She is a stay at home mom of five and happily married. They are best friends, which he helps her with cover ideas. He has been through a lot of her gripping and yelling about this or something that is going wrong her story.
Her first book was published in Dec. 2014 Pink Diamond's Club novel, Tonya's Dirty Secret and Taming Her which will be published Mar. 2015.
What to look forward from this awesome author...The Set Up (Coming Soon) Black Rose Series, The Escort Killer. This series will have three different books in it.
K.S writes erotic normally, but has been dabbling in other areas of writing. She has decided to mix it up and have some fun. Hope you are all ready for one hell of a roller coaster rider!

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