Sunday, March 29, 2015

#KindleUnlimited Extravaganza on April 1, 2015

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To introduce readers to Kindle Unlimited authors in all genres of romance, fantasy, and science fiction--from passionate paranormals to curvy girl contemporaries. 

All contests and games will be open until 4/2/2015 11pm EDT. (24 hours after the final author takeover).

By entering this event and/or viewing anything within you are stating that you are of legal age. As you must be to participate, due to the adult nature of some of the excerpts, pictures, and games. 

Authors Line Up!
Contests remain open an additional 24 hours.
10:00 am EDT: Ciana Stone - Livin' and Lovin'
11:00 am EDT: Author Dawn Montgomery
12:00 pm EDT: Audra Hart Writes Romance
01:00 pm EDT: Charlene Hartnady
02:00 pm EDT:
03:00 pm EDT: Michele Bardsley
04:00 pm EDT: Renee George, Author
05:00 pm EDT: SE Smith
06:00 pm EDT: Madison Sevier, Author
07:00 pm EDT: Cristina Rayne
08:00 pm EDT Renea Mason
09:00 pm EDT: Jaimie Hope
10:00 pm EDT: R.L. Merrill - Author

Join some fabulous authors for takeovers and prizes on April 1st, 2015.
I'll be there at 6 PM EDT. 

You'll be able to find some of your favorite authors and some new ones who all have their book(s) listed with Kindle Unlimited.

Many thanks to the fabulous ladies at Kindle Unlimited Fiction for creating and planning this wonderful event. We really appreciate everything they're doing for us!
Be sure to stop by and check out all of the great books! See you on Wednesday!

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