Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leave Me Out of Your Goodreads Games

Many people know that I'm always (literally) willing to help someone out. Whether you are an author, reader, blogger or none of the above-- I'll do what I can. Because I understand what it's like to have nothing, be nothing and to have your back against the wall.

I don't ask for much. Just be truthful. To me it isn't difficult to be honest. Am I wrong? If you come to me in need, honesty should be a no-brainer. But I wasn't very honest in leaving a rating either, was I?

Alas, I was pulled into a situation again. An author upset. She felt Goodreads had wronged her. Highly upset, she reached out to me for help. I was told Goodreads had wronged her and refused to cooperate with a book listing and that the rules lists weren't even working links. Goodreads had "made it impossible to remove a book that had been 1* attacked." Okay. It's there for a reason (my thoughts).

I know...it happens.

I was told that her problem was with the system itself. Understandable. No system is perfect. Maybe there's room for improvement? Maybe this booklet would help address some of these issues?
So, of course, friendly-little-pathetic Madison...rushes to help an injured soul.

Did I think for one minute that I hadn't gotten the entire story? No. Did I even consider this person would use my good nature to help them achieve their agenda? No.

Do you know why?

Because I was too busy. I don't sit around on the computer all day long every day. I don't follow the drama on ANY site.

And because after 40+ years of dealing with and seeing insufferable, selfish, lying, deceitful people...I still choose to believe in the good.

What a fucking joke.

I left a rating for a booklet that I honestly didn't have time to read. Keep in mind...I was trying to help with what I thought was an author who was truly concerned about TECHNICAL issues of Goodreads, i.e; missing links to rules...yada yada. In NO WAY did I think this was about ATTACKING Goodreads users, readers or librarians. That's not how I am. IF I HAD KNOWN this was the agenda...I would NOT have left a rating that was practically badgered out of me.

That rating, in turn, put me on some not-so-nice lists on Goodreads. At that point in time, red flags...HUGE, flashing, neon flags were everywhere. I'd stepped in a huge, steaming pile.
Once I began to dig through what was happening (and believe me the pile is massive), I unearthed the dirty laundry. The REAL truth. And that truth pisses me off.

It's bad enough when something like a flood of  "one stars" occurs to an author... Any author. But that's part of this life. No author wants their work to be sandbagged all over the internet. But when you cannot be HONEST about what REALLY happened with someone who is nice enough to bend over backwards, by UNKNOWINGLY putting their neck on the line in a situation that the person didn't even know was so completely fucked and volatile, that makes you, the one who asked for help, a Class A jerk.

What did I find, you ask?
1. The author wasn't a SHE. That, in itself, pissed me off to no end.The author was someone I know but I hadn't known they'd began to use another personality.
(Lying about who you are sets my ass on fire.)

2. The author didn't disclose all that had happened. I wasn't told about some long, drawn out problem. Ever. I had no clue about any fighting, any drama. How was I supposed to know to look elsewhere for information if I didn't know this person wasn't who they claimed to be? Again...I didn't have, nor did I take the time beforehand to dig into this.

3. This author apparently has more than one account on Goodreads. Also not something I knew. So now, I've found multiple instances of deceipt, lying and fakery.

(I go to Goodreads, leave my ratings and reviews, enter giveaways, check my messages and leave. I've tried the groups but I'm not super outgoing. Sorry...that's the truth.)

4. After reading the MANY comments and reviews of this booklet, it became clear that my good nature, my willingness to help another human being had been exploited. By a liar.

5. The reviewers were questioning why I had left a rating since I was obviously active on Goodreads.  Well, that question sort of answers itself. I'm active on Goodreads, a place to rate and review books. Pretty explanatory. But I didn't understand why they were questioning it until the dirt kept piling up. Believe me...now I know what you meant.

See, I believed I was just dropping a rating. That was all. Something that people...authors, reviewers, readers and bloggers do on a daily basis to help their friends, fans, groups etc. Many times, people don't read the books they rate. It happens. After all, I've seen my books get placed on not-so-desirable shelves a lot this week solely based on the fact that I...stupid, gullible Madison, decided to drop a rating on an asinine booklet that was apparently meant to cause a monsoon of trouble that I had no idea was brewing off the coast of Readerville. Now, I have to deal with the consequences... shelved because I helped someone without knowing all of the facts.

So, I'd like to take a moment to thank that author. Thank you so much for lying to me. Thank you for pulling me into a situation because you knew I'd help based on how nice of a person I am. Thanks for letting me get involved in a situation that is now irreversible for me. Thank you for helping me piss off a ton of people I've never met and now they'll most likely never read my books because they've put me in the same category as you. Thank you for helping me to look like a complete fool because I obviously didn't do a good enough job of it on my own. Last, but not least, thank you for helping me to finally see how utterly stupid it is of me to believe in the good in people.

My eyes are wide open now. I truly hope you can sleep at night knowing you pulled the wool over my eyes. I hope you enjoy knowing you duped an honest person, a person who would never do that to someone else. Bravo.

But can I really blame this author and this author alone? No. It's my own damn fault for trying to be nice. I'm not saying I'll never help someone again. However, I won't do a damn thing without finding out every possible detail before I do.

My apologies to anyone that my rating may have offended. It's my own fault for not reading the booklet, for not researching what had happened and my rating was in no way a personal attack or affront to anyone. Not intentionally anyways. 

A final note to the author in question:
My rating has been removed.
Leave me out of your damn Goodreads games.

Another author friend has been dealing with another type of dubious behavior and you can read all about it here:  http://tammydenningsmaggy.blogspot.com/2015/01/wwow-dont-bully-your-peers-ethics-mywana.html?showComment=1421856878946&m=1#c2707345177986773223


Tammy Dennings Maggy said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through and are still going through this. Idiots abound and the biggest ones are those who manipulate others to fight their battles for them with no regard for any damages that may occur.

Never apologize for being a caring person. Unfortunately our skin has to get thick and our walls have to stay up if we want to stay in this business. Know there are those around you who will always have your back!

Those who have taken the low road and decided to take out their anger at the liar on you and your books are behaving EXACTLY the way many authors portray them. Maybe it's time all the high school bullshit stops all the way around.

Goodreads is a site for readers to share their likes and dislikes. I'm not sure why authors feel they have the right to go in and manipulate lists and ratings. Shouldn't their time be better spent writing more stories and actually connecting with readers?

I know, wishful thinking.

Anyway...FABULOUS post, my friend!

Madison Sevier said...

Yep--wishful thinking. LOL

I agree and I never should've rated his book. I'm just as guilty as they are. Lesson learned.

After the mess you've been going through today, I'm sure you'll have more to say also. Bottom line...don't ask us to rate your books if we haven't read them. And above all else...stop with the damn guilt!
No one handed me any rankings on a silver-f*cking platter. I can't believe I gave one away like I did. I feel dirty and gross.

There are those who know I'll have their backs too. Thank you for stopping by.