Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sexy Holiday Cheer For Any Occasion: Hunter's Fortune

A bit of holiday cheer wrapped up in this...

Hunter's Fortune, River Jewel Resort: Book 2 

Welcome to the River Jewel Resort—where fantasy becomes reality! 

After Hunter Golde’s father died, she became President of his company; one she never truly wanted. Having such big shoes to fill has put Hunter in an impossible situation. With stockholders who’ve never believed in her and who were just waiting for Hunter to mess up, she’s had to be tough on everyone, including herself. 

She soon learns that someone has embezzled a sizeable chunk of her assets. Hunter must find a way to bring the thief to justice before she ends up losing it all and has a company-wide mutiny on her hands. 

With her life in shambles and no one to comfort her, Hunter leaves town, in the hopes that her lawyer can get the financial mess sorted out. When her plans to hide out at her family’s cabin fall apart, she finds herself at the mystical River Jewel Resort where she’s reminded that money isn’t the only important thing in life. 

When she’s confronted with her past and reminded of her present troubles, Hunter realizes she’s been missing more than several million dollars. Lee Michaels, with his rugged good looks, and seemingly perfect life, make Hunter crave the two things having money could never provide; the two things she’s never truly had. 

Can the River Jewel Resort show her that it’s never too late to change the future? Or will Hunter Golde remain true to the fortune that life has already given her? 

Hunter drifted in a sea of warmth as thick but smooth hands caressed her.
Soft lips kissed her neck and whispers caressed her ear, “You taste of vanilla and honey.”
Whimpers and moans escaped her as the man’s capable fingers slid in and out of her slick core, playing her like a soft ballad that only the man could hear.
“Do you know how beautiful you are?”
Though Hunter could feel and taste him, she couldn’t see his face. She knew his voice and his familiar touch. He’d visited her dreams before, but never like this. Hunter melted into his touch as his soft strokes carried her over the edge.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled against the rough but comforting whiskers on his jawline.
She trailed kisses down his neck as he pinched her nipples, making them ache with need when he let go of them. The burning sensation lit her from the inside out and she craved more. Placing her palms against his chest, she rolled him over with ease. Straddling him, Hunter flicked her tongue across his chest, kissing licking, teasing. He wrapped his hands in her long, dark locks as she slid down the length of his body.
“How did you find me?” She kissed one muscular thigh and then the other.
“I’ll always find you. You call to me every night.”
“Who are you?” Hunter wrapped her lips around the tip of his hard shaft and suckled.

The man’s breathing became labored, she felt him tense up as she inched closer to the prize. “You know who I am” he whispered. “You wished for me.”

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