Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#NewRelease: Wicked By Nature

"So, all I have to do is mate with a wolf and save the world? No pressure there."

**18+ Paranormal Romance**
This eBook contains:
Explicit Language
Adult Content

What's a witch supposed to do when she learns that she isn't just a witch? Will Selena use her powers for good? Or will she embrace the side of her that truly is wicked by nature?

Until now, life for Selena Barnes has been fairly easy. Aside from the constant stares and gossip of a few busy-bodies in town, her upcoming wedding to a mortal was all she cared about. When she finds out that no one, not even herself, is who they claim to be, she embraces the powers that she'd buried deep inside, unleashing a catalyst of dire consequences. 

When secret after secret is revealed, Selena finds herself racing against time to save her friends, her soul mate, her town and to keep her powers from falling into the wrong hands. Hands that belong to someone she's never met. Someone with whom she shares more than she could have ever imagined. Someone who has been waiting twenty-five years for these events to unfold.

Sneak Peek:

For the second time that day, I woke up with a pounding headache. I closed my eyes against the offensive lighting. “This is getting old.”
“Afternoon, sunshine.”
 "Ouch!" I looked up to see the most gorgeous eyes staring into mine. I closed my eyes and pulled myself into a sitting position as shards of glass pounded into my brain. Well, that’s what it felt like. Truth be told, I was a bit hung over..
“Easy there, Kitten.”
“Oh Keith, it’s just you.”
“Yeah just me. Here, take these and drink this.”
We were in his office and I was grateful for the privacy. I took a long swallow of the water he offered and then took the ibuprofen he handed to me.
“Thank you.” I found I was full of shame as I remembered my fabulous bawl-baby outbreak and couldn’t look at him again. So when he tipped my chin up with his fingers, my lip quivered and tears burned my eyes, threatening to pour out, I shrugged away. “I feel ridiculous for being such a blubbering fool. I’m um….just gonna’ go now. Thank you for being so kind and I’m sorry I bothered you. It was a mistake to come here.”
“No Selena. You’re staying. It’s my turn to talk and by the sound of things, you need to listen to all of it whether you want to or not.”
His piercing blue eyes sent shivers of desire through me and I chastised my body for betraying my overwrought mind. I wasn’t in the mood to be told what to do. Even if I needed the help and even if this handsome Cowboy Casanova was doing the telling. I was known to be obstinate to the end, but I knew I had no choice. I gave in, however I wasn’t happy about it.
“Fine, talk. But know this, nothing you will say is going to shock me.” I crossed my arms, jutting my chin as I stared at him with indifference. What about this man made my hackles rise so often and why couldn’t I just appreciate his kindness when it was offered?
 He slid a leather chair across and placed it in front of me. We were eye-to-eye as Keith leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees.
“I know you’re upset, but you have to remain calm and listen, okay? There are so many things I’m about to say that will sound crazy, but trust me, if you need to hear them.”
His serious tone shocked and unnerved me. Though I’d just had a glass of water, my mouth was dry and my throat felt tight. “I’ll try but I don’t think I can handle many more surprises.” 
 “Too bad, kitten. What I’m about to say will shock you but it may just save your life. So, toughen up and get ready.”
“What could you possibly know? Up until yesterday, I had no idea if you were alive or dead.” I huffed. How did Keith think he knew anything about me?
“While you were asleep, Sterling filled us in on what happened.”
Keith was nuts. Yep, that’s why I never ended up with him. He was certifiable. Did he honestly expect me to believe that my cat had spoken to him? I shook my head, a bubble of laughter threatened to escape as I stared at the crazy-talking guy across from me.
“What do you mean, he filled us in and who is us?”
My already raw emotions were teetering on the edge of another bout of panic and I swore I must be dreaming. I felt like Alice in wonderland, but I didn’t remember passing any rabbit holes on my way to the Tooth & Nail. Hysteria threatened to overtake what bit of sanity I still had as realization, acceptance and the truth began to dawn on me.

“There’s no way you could have heard him unless you’re a…” the words died in my throat as Keith nodded his head, confirming everything Roberta had told me without saying a word.
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