Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet and Greet With Arnold Greenberg/J.E. Wiseman:

Happy Tuesday! Today I'd like to introduce to you a "new to me" author. Please welcome Arnold Greenberg/J.E. Wiseman...

     "I'm Arnold Greenberg, also known under my pseudonym, J.E. Wiseman and appreciate the opportunity to be here and share with readers a little about my writing life. I've been writing ever since I can remember and hope to write until I can't scribble another word. I've always written poetry and short stories, but found myself writing my first novel when I had a farm in Pennsylvania and read an article about the lost continent, Atlantis. I became fascinated and started doing research and became inspired to write a novel for my eight year old twin boys. I wrote a chapter each morning before barnyard chores and read it to them every night at bedtime. It was called Twins of Atlantis—The Awakening. I decided to write another Atlantis novel for my daughter and that became Daughters of Atlas—The Quest. They were written over 40 years ago and put aside. About seven years ago, I found them and started revising, and then wrote a third Atlantis book for my oldest son and that became Children of the Dream-The Coming. The trilogy takes place in the present and the past when the central characters are thirteen and begin having lucid dreams about their counter-selves on Atlantis. They remember their past lives on Atlantis and find their mission is to keep the memories of Atlantis alive and fight the “Bendula,” the militaristic elite whose greed caused the destruction of Atlantis. The Bendula are still here and the fight continues to have the “old ways "of Atlantis return and not destroy the planet. 

After many years as an educator, a farmer, a baker and cafe owner, I live in a tiny five hundred square foot pentagon shaped cabin over looking a trout pond and get up at four each morning and write my poetry, stories and novels.

 I have a collection of poems titled, Morning Songs, a book of poems written at dawn over a two year period. I've written a book of poetry based on my travels on a Norwegian freighter titled, Journey Homeward. For many years I wrote poems based on the Sisyphus myth and now have a book poems titled, Sisyphus based on the myth. Most recently, I've been writing poems about the pond where I live called, Ponderings. In addition to the Atlantis trilogy, I also have three novels. Revolution and the Journal of Joshua Johnson—A Ghost Story is about a Quaker boy during the Revolutionary War.  Spam tells the story of Peter, an older man, who, with a younger woman, turns his suburban property into a small farm and angers his lawn loving neighbors. My most recent novel, Chaordia—A Novel of Transformation is still in its first draft. It takes place on an abandoned farm in Vermont where the central character wants to transform his grandfather's old farm into its own country because of his concern about climate change and the corporate greed that is causing it. Chaordia is a combination of the words chaos and order and suggests the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. All of these books are written under my real name, Arnold Greenberg.

A new chapter in my writing life has been J.E. Wiseman. For the past three years, I have been writing sensuous romance novellas under that name and now have thirteen books published by Sweet Cravings Publishing and Lush Publishing. I love this genre because it allows me to write about relationships and explore intimate passions in a way that is different than my other books. I like writing about yearnings and people finding each other and overcoming obstacles in their quests for love. I like to think my J.E.Wiseman books are much more than love stories, but are about life and showing people growing and learning about each other.

For instance, my most recent books are Max and Rosie and The Blue Guitar.  Max is taking care of his wife of thirty seven years who is dying of Alzheimer's. When he can no longer do all that is necessary, he hires Robin, a live in nurse, who is beautiful and sexy. He becomes torn between his attraction to Robin and his not wanting to betray his marriage, even though Rosie no longer knows who he is.

  The Blue Guitar is based on the Orpheus-Eurydice legend and tells how a shy, janitor, who is an amazing musician and hopes to win the heart of Emily, a woman who works  as a personal assistant to a lawyer and is the daughter of wealthy parents. The story tells how his magical music wins her love, but, just as in the legend, a tragic event takes her from him. The story describes how he copes and how his love for her inspires him to compose beautiful music with the hope that someone like Emily will again come into his life.

I'm happy to have my J.E. Wiseman books published by Sweet Cravings Publishing and to have the opportunity to work with my editor, ELF, who really enhances my writing. I've learned that all writers need an editor.

 All of my books are available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Max-Rosie-J-E-Wiseman-ebook/dp/B00KQ8E95S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408568030&sr=8-1&keywords=Max+and+Rosie+++J.E.+Wiseman  (Hit J.E. Wiseman on that page and my other books come up.)

My Arnold Greenberg books are available at Clayfield Books http://clayfieldbooks.com and on Amazon under the various titles. I can be reached at grnbrg94@gmail.com "

Thanks so much for stopping by to tell us a little bit about yourself, Arnold/J.E. You've led an interesting life and I love how you bring your personality to your writing! Hope you'll stop by again sometime!


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