Sunday, July 20, 2014


BANNED BY KOBO and iTunes!! 

WARNING: 18+ FICTION! Dark Fantasy. Erotic Horror. Contains descriptive language, adult content and should not be read by anyone without a sense of humor. This is a work of my imagination and any similarity to anyone who has indeed had sex with a swamp monster is purely coincidental. No swamp monsters, crocodiles, raccoons, plants, snakes or spiders were harmed in the making of this book. The contents herein are FICTION and suitable for adults ONLY. Preferably adults who have wild imaginations. 

Small town investigative journalist, Rosie Peaks needed a vacation. Getting stranded in Cajun country on her way to the Gulf of Mexico definitely wasn't something she needed. Hot, dehydrated and alone, she had no choice but to wander deeper into the swamps in search of help. What awaited her there would change her life forever...



And my newest release...

Don's eyes were the color of the finest chocolate. He voice as smooth as black silk. Every move he made was with the grace of a panther.
J.B. would stop at nothing to get the man of her dreams.She changed her entire life to be with the tall, dark and handsome man she loved. But did he love her? Or would J.B. be alone forever?

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