Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Featured Authors: Holly J. Gill and Nikki Blaise

Welcome back! Let's get a look at Book 2 of the Desires Series from Holly J. Gill and Nikki Blaise:
Touching Angel's Desires

Angel’s life was one big, long, dream come true. Young, beautiful, sexy, and in charge of Desires—the best sex club in the country. An entire staff of delicious men and delectable women was at her beck and call, ready to indulge her every carnal whim. 

When vulnerable abuse survivor Stacie Clifford tentatively approached Desires for help getting her sexual confidence back, Angel had no qualms about assigning her secret favourite Dan McVeigh as her tutor. Gentle and sweet, Dan was just what Stacie needed. 
Angel hadn’t realized just how powerful her suppressed feelings for Dan were until she noticed Dan and Stacie were getting on a little too well. Despite Dan’s insistence that all was strictly professional, maybe it was time to persuade Stacie that Desires was not for her. Just how far would Angel go to keep Dan to herself?

“Oh, Angel,” Bailey called.
Angel stopped and turned round, irritated. “Yes?”
“Your mum is waiting in your office,” Bailey told her.
“How long has she been waiting?” she asked. Why hadn’t she mentioned she was visiting?
“About twenty minutes.”
Angel almost trotted to her office. She stood outside the door and inhaled a deep breath before opening the door. She gazed around the very empty office. Where was she? Angel
made her way into the living accommodation, pushing on the door. It drifted open and there she was sitting on the couch watching television. She looked up and saw her, then grabbed the remote to switch the television off.
“Hello darling,” she said with a smile. Angel headed over to her and sat down next to her, giving her a kiss and cuddle.
“Hello Mum. What on earth brings you here?” she asked worried, wondering if something had gone wrong. Might it have something to do with Mr. and Mrs. Matthews? Perhaps they’d been in touch with her mum, complaining about being barred. They had been clients when her mother ran the establishment.
“Nothing is wrong,” she replied. Angel felt a surge of relief, followed by suspicion. Was she telling the truth? “I just thought that I would come and see my daughter.” Her mum stood up. Angel looked up at her. She had always been a character. Even now she was nearly sixty and didn’t look it. She had a fantastic figure and was showing it off in skinny jeans and a tight emerald-green T-shirt which clung to her large breasts. Her hair was cut short and dyed auburn. She looked forty at most. Aging gracefully was something that happened to other people.
“Okay,” Angel answered. “I just need to get changed.” Angel headed to her wardrobe looking for something fresh to put on.
“Have you been having some fun, love?” Angel closed the wardrobe door slightly, turning to look at her mum. “Have you been dabbling?”
Angel wasn’t sure how to answer her. Her mum wasn’t stupid, no doubt she had fun when she ran the place.
“I have.”
“Was it good?”
“You could say that,” she replied. She pulled out a black jersey dress that was one of her favourites. It was quite demure, but clung in all the right places. “Everything is running great.”
“I am sure it is. I thought that if you haven’t eaten we could go and get something to eat at the restaurant. I fancy seeing all the testosterone and hormones running around the place.”
Adult Excerpt
Angel screamed out with pure pleasure and abandon. She tightened her vaginal muscles around him, although there was no need, he filled her utterly. Dexter paused then, pulling slowly out, breathing deeply. He lay down, his cock rising up perpendicular to his tight belly. It swayed, long and tempting. Angel’s mouth watered and she needed no bidding to climb aboard. She sat across his lap to ride him, facing away from him. This room had full-length mirrors opposite the end of the bed and she revelled in her reflection in the mirror, seeing her tight, hot body, her firm heavy breasts, and flat belly. Dexter’s brown legs stretched out before her in the flesh, and reflected in the mirror and she watched his long cock disappear inside her as she impaled herself on him. Her face twisted with pleasure as she began to ride him. She dropped her head back, her hair brushing his chest. He reached up to cup her breasts with his hands. She was mesmerized by the contrast of his brown hands on her white breasts in the mirror. He began to squeeze and pinch, murmuring obscenities at her as she rode him.
Angel felt her orgasm begin to build. She dropped her hand to her clitoris, rubbing and slapping, the pain of Dexter pinching her breasts melding with the pleasure of her manipulations to create a blissful fusion of sensation. She screamed, watching her own face in the mirror, contorting with pleasure, her mouth open, her eyes half-lidded, her expression one of utter rapture. Her body shuddered. Her universe consisted of this man’s shaft of pleasure within her quivering cunt. Panting, she leaned forward, resting her hands on the cover between Dexter’s legs. Her heart thudded and her breathing came raggedly.
Angel lifted herself off him, thrilling to the feeling of his still-stiff cock sliding out of her hyper-sensitive tissues. She lay on her back. He moved rapidly between her thighs, sliding his cock deep in her soaking pussy. He lifted her legs into the air, hooking them over his shoulders, sinking into her hard and fast, staring down into her face. She wriggled under him, altering her position slightly, so the tip of his cock hit her most sensitive spot deep within. He grabbed her breasts and fucked her harder. Angel reached behind her, grabbing the headboard, arching her back and screaming as her second fierce orgasm shook her body.


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