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Featured Author: Holly J. Gill and Isobelle Cate

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This week, we're checking out Desires, Book 4...Embracing Desires by Holly J. Gill and Isobelle Cate.


Dan and Stacie are preparing for the biggest day of their lives, everything is perfect. Stacie has her hen night and followed the following night by Dan’s stag at Desires. Angel being the wonderful host, but all is not what it seems. 

Five days before the wedding when all hell lets loose and they find themselves, devastated and destroyed, and on the brink of destruction. The pain and suffering, of her heart being ripped out her chest. Stacie cannot breathe, or think, her life is falling apart around her. Her agony of losing a man she thought loved her appeared to be nothing but a liar. 

Her world has shattered yet longing to embrace what is important, but is it all too late to save the biggest embrace of all?


She heard the doorbell ring. She growled low in her throat at another interruption. She was almost packed, for God’s sake! Sighing and resigned that the world seemed to want her on this particularly important day. She walked towards the front door.
Then her phone rang.
“I don’t bloody believe it!” she swore under her breath.
Stacie answered the door first.
“Hi, could you give me a minute?” she said seeing Bailey, leaving the door open. Stacie hurried into the kitchen to find the phone and answered it. It was a call from an insurance company and she soon hung up muttering under her breath.
Bailey called out, following her, guessing she had entered the house. “Are you ready?”
“What do you mean almost?” Bailey asked miffed.
“I have had a morning you wouldn’t believe. How long have I got?” Stacie said. Turning around and bumping into Bailey.
She headed back to the front door seeing Chrissie stood unimpressed with her hands on her hips, her brows lifted in annoyance that Stacie wasn’t ready. Bailey followed to the kitchen.
“Give me a break,” she told them, raising her shoulders and frowning. Stacie knew far too well these two were going to become pain in the behind. She ran upstairs leaving them standing close to the door.
Quickly, grabbing her overnight bag she threw a few more things into her case, and made her way downstairs. She saw the two women twiddling their fingers.
“Ready?” Chrissie asked.
“I think so,” Stacie said trying to think hard making sure she had everything. She knew that if she had forgotten anything there was no chance of coming back.
Chrissie took hold of her bag. “Well if you have forgotten anything, tough,” she told Stacie abruptly.
Did Stacie really have a choice? Yes she did, but only if she put her foot down and that she wasn’t prepared to do. She longed for a fantastic time with her friends and hoped they had no intentions of causing her any humiliation by getting a stripper.
Bailey grabbed Stacie by the upper arm, encouraging her to leave the house, as she ranted about being hurried. Chrissie closed the front door. Bailey grabbed her hand and pulled her to the car.
“We have to go now!” Bailey said.
Stacie saw the taxi waiting by the side of the curb, engine running. Chrissie, carrying Stacie’s bags walked to the luggage compartment and placed them inside. This weekend was a celebration and Stacie wasn’t driving. She knew that booze was something the girls had in the agenda.
Erotic excerpt
She sat on the bed, her back turned to Dan. The bed dipped as she felt him put his arm around her waist and kissed her shoulder.
“Sorry, babe. I love you,” he repeated over and over again. He began to run his lips across her shoulders and moved her wet hair from her shoulder, tenderly kissing her neckline with his wet, soft lips. She felt her body come alive, sending volts of pleasure down to her pussy; annoyed her body reacted that way. His lips pressed delicately against her flesh, forcing her to tilt her head to the side and allow him better access.
His mouth wandered over her shoulders and moved seductively to her neckline teasing her flesh. He gently went to her ear where he caressed and licked the area. His breath cascaded across her dampened flesh and she couldn’t help the arousal burgeoning inside her. His touch was so smooth, sending pulses racing over her body. Stacie wanted to remain angry with him. He licked her shoulder as he breathed heavily causing her to squeeze her bottom muscles followed by tightening her vaginal wall.
Dan’s hands began caressing her tummy, moving them slowly down to her upper thigh. His finger slid on her bare flesh. He pulled the material away and she felt the cool air on her naked skin. Dan pulled the towel away, leaving her naked.
His fingertips electrified her body causing goose bumps to appear. She dropped her head back as Dan started to kiss and nibble her shoulder while his hands tickled her stomach. Stacie leaned her head on Dan’s chest before Dan moved to lay her down on the bed. She watched him with half-lidded eyes, seeing his face moving towards hers. His lips met hers in a torrid kiss. His fingertips continued to wander over her sensitive body that writhed for his touch.
Stacie gave in to his demands, moaning in delight when his hands caressed her chest and worked his magic. Her breasts swelled in his hands and held on tight to Dan when he kissed her right nipple. Her whole body reacted in arousal forcing her to pulse her pelvis. Stacie cried with pure pleasure as his tongue laved and his mouth sucked on her hardened nipple. She felt her juices preparing her pussy for his sweet invasion.
Dan quickly stood as she remained to keep her eyes closed, wanting nothing more than to experience his passion and devotion to her. He lifted his body up and over hers in position sixty-nine. She reached for his cock, situated close by her mouth, feeling him naked. She took hold of his throbbing erection and engulfed his rod inside her mouth with hunger to feast, sucking hard on the tip, lapping his pre-cum at his slit. Dan licked and feasted on her pussy, striking his tongue at her slick folds, making her shuffle her bottom, being overwhelmed with sensitivity. He flicked his tongue over her clit and she released his member and cried out as she felt the electricity dash around her body.
His tongue worked magic on her clit plumping up with her desire. Stacie sank his cock deep inside her mouth, taking him deep throat, tasting the fluid that leaked from the end of his dick. He ravished her folds of flesh, teasing the nerve endings. Her body became overwhelmed. Sweat poured from her body. His tongue massaged the sensitive nerve endings, circling his tongue over the aroused area.

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