Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#ReleaseDay: Long Overdue, River Jewel Resort, Book 3 by Madison Sevier

It's finally here!!

River Jewel Resort, Book 3...Long Overdue has officially arrived at Secret Cravings Publishing!


After a decade of working at the campus library, a scandal involving a student leaves Olivia Milan unemployed and able to spend much more time with her best friend, Matt. She’s always been attracted to Matt Osgood, but believes he’ll never feel the same about her. When he heads out of town for the weekend, Olivia takes the opportunity to visit the River Jewel Resort in the hope of getting a new job. However, what she finds when she arrives proves life can be stranger than fiction.

Romance author Matt Osgood has been in love with the same woman for a very long time, but he thinks she’ll never return his feelings. Years of going to the River Jewel Resort have allowed him to live out his every fantasy. Still, he aches for a real emotional connection to the woman he truly loves.

Can the River Jewel Resort turn fantasy into a reality for these two best friends? Or will they run in opposite directions when confronted with the truth?

Please join me in celebrating the arrival of our newest couple: Olivia Milan and Matt Osgood.

Olivia will be staying here:

Matt will be spending time in his usual room:

I wonder what the River Jewel Resort has in store for them?

A night of dancing?

Perhaps they'll try their luck...

They can enjoy the many local wineries...

But will they end up together?

Only Ms. Scarlett knows the answer...

You can find Long Overdue, River Jewel Resort, Book 3 and the first two books in this 'stand-alone' series on the Secret Cravings Publishing website. I hope you'll join our clients for an evening you won't forget.

Note: My books carry a 4-flame heat rating and are considered erotic romance. Happy reading....



E.L. F. said...

Congrats on the release and the beautiful cover! Looking forward to more stories from this intriguing resort.

Madison Sevier said...

Thank you for stopping by E.L.F. <3 <3