Saturday, May 10, 2014

#NewRelease : Challenging (Clan Wolverine 3) by Lisa Drummond

It's such a beautiful month and full of #newreleases from the authors at Secret Cravings Publishing. Today, I'd like to share the release day news for one of my favorite authors, Lisa Drummond. Her Clan Wolverine Series is smokin' hot and available for only 99 cents per steamy read. Check out her newest book, releasing today: Challenging (Clan Wolverine 3):

For those of you who are familiar with this series, you'll find some surprises. Those who have never read any of the Clan Wolverine books--should start right away. I hear there's a Book 4 in the works!!

**Note: This book carries a 4-Flame rating**

On learning they have new shapeshifter powers, Tatiana and Rich return to his log house in the woods. No sooner do they arrive than the Spirit materializes to give them amazing news. Wishing to stay safe from harm, Tatiana, at Rich’s urging, decides to go into hiding at his lakeside home.

As days slowly turn into weeks they settle into a comfortable life, each looking after the other both emotionally and in the bedroom.

Finally, the big day comes when they get to see what the Spirit told them.

How this revelation will change their lives, they can only guess.


This will get both of your brains into what I want, she thought as she started to come, not realizing he was standing in the doorway.
“That’s not going to work except get you to come again. Look Tatiana, I’ve got a feeling we could be in real trouble and we need to figure out how to handle it.”
Not even getting caught made her blush, but she knew he was right. Against her baser needs she stopped and covered herself.
“Sorry. I guess I’m wanting to hide from what I learned, which is the same as you.”
“I understand, darling, but we have to deal with it before it gets out of hand. I can tell you this, though, I’m not leaving you. As we learned at my house, we are meant to be together and bring a new generation of shifters into the world.”
“I’m glad you want to stay with me because I can’t ever see leaving you. I’d rather die first,” Tatiana said, taking the offered wine glass then taking a sip.
“What did your mistress tell you?”
“Like the Spirit told us, there’s a new shifter coming which will change our lives forever. Fortunately she didn’t seem to focus on me but everyone in the conclave. That’s what has me worried though,” she started.
“I don’t understand. If she didn’t target you, why would that make you nervous? I’d think you’d be relieved.”
“She seemed to be concentrating on one of the older clan members, which makes me wonder if, besides us, something or someone else might be coming.”
“You mean to endanger us?”
“Yes. What if another type of shifter is coming which can hurt or kill one or both of us? Then everything would be lost.”
“I find this interesting because my master led us to believe what was coming would be the dawning of a new age. Either one or both are lying to get us to come out into the open.”
“Rich, what did he mean by new age, since it’s similar to what my mistress told us?”
“That’s something I’m not sure about. Like with your mistress, he didn’t set his sights on one shifter in particular, but all of us.”
Tatiana took another sip of her wine, enjoying the fruity taste of it, and settled back against the thick pillows. Between what she’d learned at her clan meeting and what Rich now told her, she knew, or at least suspected, someone was lying. What she did know was it wasn’t him as she’d learned if he was while staying at his log house.

Was it possible both clan heads knew they were part of the new change, which threatened their leadership and power over everyone? Studying Rich, she could tell he was having the same thoughts, which was good as it would put them both on the offensive if necessary.

Remember, each of these books are ONLY 99 cents. You can find them in the Weekend Getaways section on the Secret Cravings publishing site or in the drop-down menu under Lisa Drummond. 

Reviewers all agree that you'll need a cold drink and a few moments to recover after reading these steamy novellas! So be prepared...

Hurry on over to Secret Cravings and be the first to get this newest installment: Challenging (Clan Wolverine 3) Secret Cravings Store 

Congrats Lisa and I look forward to many more stories from you. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your celebration!!


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