Monday, March 17, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Hop:

My Writing Process:

Welcome to a different type of blog hop. You, the reader, are entering the inner sanctum. You'll get a glimpse into the minds of some of your favorite authors. What we write, why we write it, how we write it and what's on our schedules (for those of us who have one). 

So, who has subjected you to the inner workings of an author's mind? None other than the fabulous Tory Richards. Tory is an award winning author of romance with an attitude. Make sure you check out the variety of great romances she has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

Q: What am I working on?
Currently, I'm tackling a few different projects. While I wait on edits for my third book in the River Jewel Resort series, I'm writing the third installment of my Weekend Getaways stories featuring Kallie and Hank. These Weekend Getaways average about 10k words and are available for 99 cents at Secret Cravings Publishing, as well as the usual ebook retailers. Both of my Weekend Getaways: Natural Lust and You'll Never Be Lonely are sitting on two Bestseller lists at Secret Cravings Publishing. For that, I thank all of you wonderful, supportive romance readers. 
As for my Contemporary Romance, River Jewel Resort Series, the first three books average between 15-20k and these stories revolve around an incredible resort located outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. River Jewel is a place where anything can and will happen, a place where everyone's needs, desires and wants are fulfilled--even when the client's themselves may not know exactly what they truly need. And no one ever leaves unhappy. It's a bit racy, and includes a 4-Flame heat rating. 
My first River Jewel Resort book, Anything You Want, is also sitting on a Bestseller list at Secret Cravings Publishing and I invite you to check it out. The RJR series are stand alone books and do not need to be read in order. However, if you're like me, you prefer to read them chronologically. Long Overdue, the third book in this series, is scheduled for release in April 2014.
My first novel, a Paranormal Romance titled, Wicked By Nature, will also have a sequel. Currently in the works, we'll follow a different set of characters that were introduced in Wicked By Nature.
Also in the works--about a hundred other ideas for books. My mind is always churning ideas.

You can find all of my books here: Madison Sevier 

Q: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Tough one. I'm a lover of unconventional endings. Meaning--there isn't always a traditional happy ending. Sometimes, the characters need and want something other than a "Let's get married and live together forever" finish. 
River Jewel Resort books are each different as well. The characters featured are brought to the RJR by destiny, fate or coincidence and they all need something. Their endings fit their personalities and circumstances. I'm always excited to see where they take me and I;ve been just as surprised as the readers have been.
Wicked By Nature began as a therapeutic release for me. It became a quirky paranormal romance with a bit of snark revolving around one witch who lives in the historic town of Salem Ridge, Indiana. The community is comprised of mostly paranormal creatures whose ancestors first sought refuge there during the Salem Witch Trials and their families have lived there, in a haven that has kept them safe for hundreds of years. To the average person, a tourist, the town is simply one like any other. But, below the surface, there's always something stirring. Selena Barnes' spirals out of control and she fights her circumstances with humor and incredible powers.
My Weekend Getaway stories, Natural Lust and You'll Never Be Lonely, began with one book reviewer, one author and threatening letters. One weekend away from her job leads Kallie Masters to The Smokies where she finds a lot more than she bargained for. You'll have to follow her adventures to learn more, though. There are a few surprises that I just cannot divulge here.

Q: Why do I write what I do?
For me, writing has saved me from going insane. What else could I do with all of those voices in my head? They have stories to tell and it's my pleasure to get them out into the world. Sometimes, it's therapeutic and other times, it's all about the fun. Either way, writing romance is as essential to me as breathing. 

Q: How does your writing process work?
I'm not sure there's technically a 'process'. I simply do it. I might have an entire story in my head, and as soon as I sit down to write it, one thing can stop the entire thing: A title. Or lack of one. If that isn't in place, I can't make any story flow--no matter how hard I try. Until that happens, I concentrate on my characters: their lives, motivation and needs. It might takes days or even weeks before I find their title and it's usually at the craziest time that the perfect one comes to me. I've been in the shower, on a roller coaster, driving, just happens and when it does, it feels like magic and joy flows through me. That "right" piece falls into place and I can finally tell the story.

Q: Who will we meet next week?
Three fabulous authors will take you through their writing process and they happen to be three of my favorites:

Tricia Andersen 
  Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!!


E.L. F. said...

Ha! At least you found a positive outlet to deal with the voices in your head, lol. I look forward to learning what else comes from your fertile imagination!

Madison Sevier said...

LOL! Most of the time. And I look forward to it, too. I never know what's going to come out of there :)