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Release Day!! ONLY 99 cents: You'll Never Be Lonely:

Kallie Masters and Hank Fogle are once again in The Smokies. They’ve rented an amazing cabin and spend the weekend connecting on a much deeper level. When Hank is called away for business, Kallie ventures out by herself to explore and photograph the first place she and Hank made love. Kallie’s hike takes a drastic change when a stranger inadvertently causes Kallie to fall to the bottom of a ravine. Will the power of Hank’s love heal her wounds and will the power of The Smokies breathe new life into our favorite couple? Or will Hank’s guilt destroy everything they’ve built?

When Kallie finally opened her eyes, it was painful. She knew she’d been asleep but it felt like she’d been on her back for days. And her back was killing her! Her face felt swollen and when she tried to raise her hand to her head, intense pain radiated throughout her chest and back.

“What? Oh my God! What’s happening?”

Instantly the room was filled with loud beeps and bells.
“Where am I? What’s wrong with me?”

Suddenly, there were people running around her room, all of them in white clothing.

“Who are you?” She once again attempted to scream but it came out as a whisper.

Someone put a straw to her lips, encouraging her to take a sip.
“Calm down, Kallie. Just relax. The doctor will be in shortly.”

Doctor? Why did she need a doctor?

It all came back to her in a flash just before she passed out again.

 The next time Kallie awoke, Hank was there by her side, holding her hand. She wanted to sit up and throw her arms around him, but as soon as she took a big breath, she cried out in pain.

“Shsh. It’s okay, babe. Lie still and I’ll go get the doctor. It’s so good to see your beautiful eyes again.” Hank leaned down and kissed her before he disappeared through a door.

Kallie was still a bit confused. She remembered the crazy man screaming about a bear and running past her in the park. SAnd she could still feel herself slipping over the edge of the rock wall, but nothing after that. The frustration and pain made her want to cry! She didn’t want to be here, wherever here was. She just wanted to go home.

Hello, Kallie. I’m Dr. Radcliffe. It’s very nice to finally meet you.”
The older gentleman held what looked like a file folder and she saw him scribble something in it before he put it on the side table next to her bed.


“Do you know why you’re here, Kallie?”

She struggled to talk but her throat was so sore and dry. Hank quickly brought her a glass of water and she sipped a bit through a straw. His eyes were full of tears and that scared her. Was she dying? Why was Hank so upset?

“I fell.”

“That’s right, you fell. Do you remember where?”

“At the waterfall.”

“Do you remember why you fell? Did you trip? Did someone hurt you?”

“No, no one hurt me. I slipped. I stepped back to avoid being trampled by a man yelling about a bear in the area. Next thing I knew, I was at the bottom of the ravine.”

“Good. That’s exactly what witnesses told the police and emergency workers when they found you two weeks ago.”

“Two weeks? I’ve been here for two weeks?”

“Yes, my love. You’ve been here since the day I stupidly took off for Los Angeles. I’m so sorry I left you.”

Smexy Fab Four--Ruby Blog Tour With Ashlynn Monroe:

Welcome to my place. Thank you so much for stopping by on your way through Ashlynn Monroe's blog tour for her newest release: Ruby from LooseID. Many thanks to the Smexy Fab Four and Ashlynn Monroe for allowing me to be a part of this great event.

About Ruby:
Isser and Sol's pack is in trouble. Jewel's newborn cubs are ill and the pack needs money to treat them. Leaving the more experienced wolves to protect the women and children, the two bounty hunters agree to undertake a questionable assignment from known criminal Linus Lilymann. He wants them to find his stolen ruby and he insists he can't possibly go to the police. Normally, Sol and Isser wouldn't even consider it, but right now, it looks like the cubs only chance.

The mission turns out to be not what the expected at all. For one thing, Ruby's a person, not a jewel. And for another, she's a dangerous tiger shifter who escaped her kidnappers only to spend her life in a convent worshipping a cat goddess. She's never been out in the world, she's utterly unprepared to deal with men like Sol and Isser, and what's worse, her first shift and her first sexual heat will happen on her twenty-fifth birthday. Soon. And only sex will help her hold onto her humanity.

A tiger in heat will make a mate--or a meal--out of her first lover. Sol and Isser might be able to help her, but if they fail, their entire pack will suffer. It's a difficult decision: protect the pack or protect their new treasure.

Check out this smokin' excerpt:


Sol gripped the shuttle’s comm and turned it off. They didn’t want any ships to hail them. He set the coordinates in the computer to take them to the planet Atala. “I wish we were closer. Every second counts, and I want to earn this bounty and get back home. Linus Lilymann—huh, he’s such a crook. You know we’re probably looking for stolen, stolen property,” Sol complained.

“I know, but Lilymann has plenty of money. This is important to him if he’s willing to contract professional bounty hunters. He doesn’t get the goods until we get paid.”

“Fair enough. You were the one to get the details. What exactly are we hunting?” Sol asked. His eyebrow rose.

“His ruby was stolen,” Isser replied.

“His ruby? As in singular? One gem?”

“That’s what he said. He said it’s the ruby he’s always wanted, and he needs it back before the full moon. A woman took it. We’re not supposed to take the gem from her. He wants us to bring the woman instead. He said she has it, without a doubt, and just to bring her back to him, alive, and that’s it. He gave me this bit of fabric. It bears her scent. She smells a bit strange, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Sol took the scrap of pale material and pressed it to his nose. He inhaled sharply.

“You’re right. This scent isn’t quite human. Even the most mutated human wouldn’t smell like this. It’s not like anything I’ve encountered before. It’s almost wolf, but different. Strange.” He sighed and shrugged as he handed the clue back to Isser. “I hate hunting women, even thieves. Makis would never have accepted this job...” Sol paused and rubbed his tired eyes. “If Jewel and her pups die, the pack will never be home again. I doubt Rion and Makis would even survive. Rion might because he has Boon to think about, but Makis wouldn’t have anything if they all three die. If we weren’t on the run, we could take out credit. They’d already have had the benefit of a doctor. Even free from the clan, we are still suffering. I pray to the gods someday we’ll have true safety to live in the old way. Jewel is the glue holding us together. Everything turns to shit when she dies.”

“Don’ Just don’t! Makis is our leader. He’d never leave us by choice.” Isser sounded younger than his years and even a little frightened. The way he said leader could’ve easily been substituted for father.

“You feel it, the way it is for the three of them. Don’t tell me you haven’t woken to a wave of passion in the middle of the night. Occasionally, I’d experience the strong impression of the possessiveness and awe those two have for her. That’s the dream, to love like nothing else matters. It’s why we risked everything to leave the clan. I doubt I’ll ever have what they have, but it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t want to live if I lost a mate and that kind of perfect, forever love.”

Sol heard the clatter of Isser’s seat belt releasing. He turned and noticed his brother’s enraged scowl as the man crouched down in the single pilot compartment next to him. “We can’t think like she’s going to die. We do the job, and we get them what they need. We make it better, got it?”

Sol nodded, but the horror echoing from Isser’s subconscious hit him in waves of agony. They’d all lost family and community once. The idea of losing what they had slammed into his heart with agonizing force.

“At least we won’t have to go through any wormholes. Sit back and relax, Bro. We’re on our way,” Isser muttered. He gave his brother a quick look before he punched the accelerator on the old ship. The stars stretched out into long lines around them as they sped through space in the direction of planet Atala. The money they needed to take care of their pack waited for them.

* * * *

Ruby ached all over. Sleeping on the cold ground wasn’t what she was accustomed to doing. Her life of learning and prayer hadn’t prepared her for being on the run. Since her escape, she’d managed to avoid the men searching for her by staying in the dark woodland. New men, more skilled trackers, had joined her kidnappers. The idea of so many males hunting her was terrifying. She suffered, so ill, her whole body burning, as if it were on fire. The primal wilderness wasn’t helping her hold on to her civilized humanity. The tiger wanted freedom. Ruby missed her warm, safe bed back at the house of worship. Her pussy throbbed, and she glanced up at the sky superstitiously. She’d been warned about the urges. She wanted meat, rare—raw, delicious meat. The desire struck her as odd since she’d grown up on a vegetarian diet.

Her mind wandered to the many ceremonies where the male devotees worshipped in the temple. Ruby remembered singing the hymns with passion as she observed the women riding the hard cocks of their silent lovers. Little arrows of excitement darted through her core as she imagined hairless, purified male bodies naked and chained. They lay in a state of helpless arousal during the full moon.

Her fingers brushed her mound through her tattered robes. She moaned. Pleasuring herself before her consecration was a terrible sin against the goddess, so she stopped and ignored the ache for release. If she didn’t get back to her planet, and the house of worship, she’d die. She’d escaped before they could deliver her, but somewhere on this world lurked the man who’d paid for her kidnapping. She’d heard the monsters talking. They knew her time was running out. Luckily, her change had given her the strength to escape, but now that power had left her. This world didn’t have the red burning moon of her home, but the lack of astronomical markers wasn’t stopping her body from the tormenting effects of her first heat.

Panting, she lay in the cool grass, trying to focus on the sensation of the cold dew instead of how much she craved the end of her virginity. If she were home, she’d be lying naked, awaiting the male worshippers who would unleash the cat inside her. Until today, she’d dreaded the experience, but now she needed sex.

A wave of dizziness hit her. Light-headed, Ruby sat up. The early-dawn light burned strangely bright. She lifted her hand to shield her eyes, and the action caused her to notice her nails. Gasping, she pulled her hand closer to her face. Her eyes widened, and her lip trembled. She squeezed her mouth tightly shut to stop the tremble. Terror gripped her. The bitter taste of bile rose up in her throat. The nasty flavor caused her to suck in a deep breath as she fought to maintain her composure. Her nails had grown into sharp claws, and each of her knuckles had a frightening patch of hair jutting out from her skin.

She wanted to kill prey and eat it. A consecrated youth learned the virtue of a sweet and serene attitude. Now she desired violence as her inner agitation escalated. Her stomach rolled. Hunger had always been a usual part of her daily routine. Showing restraint at all times, included meals, was part of her ritualistic worship practices, but she’d never experienced such a gripping demand for sustenance. Agony curled her into a ball. She took deep breaths through her nose and exhaled deeply out of her mouth. When the torment subsided, Ruby stretched. Sitting in the dirt wasn’t going to fill her belly. A strange urge to hunt made her restless.

She didn’t have the slightest idea about how to stalk prey, and yet her tiger wanted to do it. The beast had always been deep inside her, but this was the first time her inner animal was strong enough to control her. She didn’t like it. The sensation of losing control shook her with terrifying ferocity. Every moment she became more feline than human. Nothing made sense this morning. Her mind filled with images of animals running, but instead of thinking of them as creatures, she thought of them as delicious food. Her breath caught. She battled the impulse to run off into the wilderness and hunt. This foreign woodland taunted her with its majesty. Lost and alone, she wasn’t sure where to go. What remained of her rational thought reminded her she needed to find a way back to her sanctuary. The old mother would know what to do. The other tiger priestesses would help her through this transition.

A noise caused her to sit up. At least two light-footed creatures were running. Instinct changed the way her senses brought information to her brain. Everything hit her mind so much more richly and yet in a truly primal way that left her feeling off-kilter. She tried to stand, but the world spun, and she landed hard on her ass. Ruby moaned, closing her eyes. Cramps filled her stomach. This pain clawed her much worse than her monthly cycle, this fire burned through her—killing her. She closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath.

“Who are you?” The gruff male voice terrified her. Ruby’s eyes opened quickly. She lay too weak to flee. She must have fallen unconscious for a few moments. Her body wouldn’t respond, as it stayed worthless for moving or fighting. This affliction had taken a great toll. Terror grew exponentially as her blurry vision sharpened, and she realized just how large and imposing the male’s body truly appeared. She could smell him. He wasn’t human.

“I am Ruby, devotee of the cat goddess,” she managed to respond. This man wasn’t one of her attackers. They’d been human. This male was like her. Shifter. His warm amber eyes weren’t cruel. His hair was long, black. He wore it tied back in a ponytail. He was handsome. She didn’t have much experience with men, but this one was so unmistakably perfect she was able to register his masculine beauty even in her condition.

“Shit! Damn it, Lilymann is fucking with us. This is the girl,” said the male who’d questioned her. “Do you smell her? I think we’ve been played.” Weakness lingered, and she couldn’t open her eyes, but he wasn’t talking to her.

“You’re right. The scent is different now, but it’s definitely her. She’s—oh gods, no, that spiciness—she’s a tigress,” replied another man. “That’s what smelled off about her scent. She’s never shifted. That’s why we couldn’t tell. Tigers don’t shift until they go into heat. Damn it!”

She managed to open her heavy eyelids. The second man was almost as beautiful as the first man was. His hair was much lighter, and she marveled at the various shades of blond, light brown, and red that glinted in the sunlight. This stranger had hair any woman would envy, but there was nothing feminine about the sculpted masculinity of his face. He was incredible. He was also...different. She’d seen men who wanted to serve, but these men looked ready to dominate. They frightened her, but she also found them fascinating. He glanced at her, and they made eye contact. His eyes were such a deep green they reminded her of the forest. The image of a wolf leaping over a fallen log filled her brain, and she drew in a deep breath. She sighed before the exhaustion became too much, and her eyes closed again of their own accord. Ruby laid her head down in the dirt as she gave up the struggle. The weakness was intolerable, but she knew no remedy except returning home to the goddess.

“We aren’t looking for a gem. She’s the ruby. Oh gods, how were we so stupid as to believe this hunt would be as simple of a matter as stolen property?”

She had no idea what property he referred to, and she didn’t care. She hadn’t taken anything from anyone. Ruby drew in another deep breath, and her brain registered what was bothering her. These men were shifters—wolves. Why wolves would agree to hunt another shifter was a mystery to her. Her curiosity didn’t last long. Pain raced through her abdomen, tearing a cry from her lips. She hurt so badly she curled into a fetal position. She didn’t care what happened to her anymore, because she was dying. No one could hurt this bad and survive. She agonized over the emptiness of life cut too short and unfinished days. She wished for another day—an hour even—just to enjoy existence. As she lost consciousness, the darkness swept away her pain, and she sighed with relief.

Copyright © Ashlynn Monroe


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Rockin' The Heart Blog Tour with Gracen Miller:


If music nourishes the soul…

Loved by millions, but shunned by blood, Heath “Fang” Fangor has led his band, Hot Wired, to the top while others have fallen by the wayside. He devoted his life to music, and from that devotion harvested a new family—his band mates and fans.

A man can desire nothing else…or can he?

Living in the shadow of her brother’s fame sucks! Sam Collins is desperate to have what she wants—a simple and uncomplicated life. She’s no stranger to scandals and how they work. Now that she’s inadvertently dragged Fang into the center of her latest gossip, could the scandal she created in her quest for freedom have gone too far?

Amid stardom the heart stages a new melody…

Fang has more fame and fortune than he will ever need, but none of that matters if he can’t have the woman of his dreams. Years have been wasted waiting for the right moment to approach the woman his heart desires above all others. There’s just one major problem...she’s his best friend’s sister. To have her, he will have to risk it all.

One that might be responsible for Rockin the Heart!


Chapter One

Heath was a rock star god. The tight lines fanning outward from his silver eyes classified him as a pissed off rock star god.
“Wanna tell me what you did this time to get the platinum treatment?” He indicated the jail cell, while ramming his fingers through his shaggy, jet-black hair.
Preferring to shrink into the shadows and avoid a confrontation with him, Sam took a deep breath and rose from the bench. She stepped away from the metal seat to draw closer to the bars dividing them.
She’d expected her brother, Jason—Jase—to ride to her rescue. Like always. Her foundation. Predictable. Dependable. Rattled by her sibling’s abandonment, she ogled the skull on Heath’s shirt, mortification overwhelming her.
If Heath was Jase’s replacement, then he’d been serious when he said ‘don’t call me the next time you’re arrested.’ She’d assumed he yelled that in anger. She was surprised he’d bothered to offer aid at all.
Gut hollow at her brother’s desertion, she cleared the ache out of her throat and asked, “Can’t you just bail me out and we’ll forget this ever happened?”
Knowing he wouldn’t go for that suggestion, Sam swallowed hard and shuffled her feet. Disappointing Jase was one thing, but letting Heath down was an entirely different matter. She’d crushed on the man since her tenth birthday when he’d given her a heart-shaped jewelry box. Didn’t matter he’d been too old for her at a mature fourteen. That infatuation hadn’t waned with age either, but only grown stronger. Not that he showed her a stitch of interest. To him, she was nothing more complicated than a kid sister.
His digits curled around one of the bars. The tattoo lettering on his left knuckles fit his current disposition—ired. On the other hand the letters H-O-T-W graced his knuckles. If read together, they spelled out the name of his band: Hot Wired.
“Not this time, Samantha.”
She cringed. The only time he broke out her full name was when he was upset or disappointed with her.
“You been drinking?”
“You know I haven’t.” Just shy of twenty-one, in her world getting liquor wasn’t an issue. Neither was alcohol her preferred drug of choice.
She rolled her eyes, the question too stupid to warrant a response.
“This type of publicity is bad news for the band.” She’d heard that one before. None of her recklessness damaged Hot Wired’s career. Not that she sought to hinder their mega stardom. She wasn’t that selfish, she just struggled with controlling her impulses on occasion.
Therapy failed to help. Yelling spawned further rebellion.
Living under the umbrella of the band’s fame grew tiresome. Her life should be her own, to live however she pleased. Weary of the media hounding her, she craved going back to a time when nobody knew her name. A normal life like when she’d been a kid.
She’d grown up on daydreams of the band making it to the big times. They won the lottery of recording deals, while Sam discovered stardom came at a high price. Along with that knowledge came the freebie of all lessons…fantasies were often better than reality. The last time she’d visited the mall without a trail of vipers eager to report her purchases she’d been fifteen.
Was it too much to ask to have a date the world didn’t scrutinize? Even the loss of her virginity made headline news. That act should’ve come with the expectation of privacy. Thanks to the tabloids, Jase almost burst a blood vessel over that exploitation.
Once she’d picked her nose in public on purpose because a rag-reporter stalked her. Scratched her butt on another occasion. Gave them something to write. Those were the photographs and articles that gave her incentive to laugh.
“The only reason they’re not pressing charges is because of Jase.”
“Thanks for the reminder.” Along with it came the reminder that her brother sent Heath instead of coming himself.
Despite the news-hounds, she got out of a lot of shit thanks to her brother’s identity. This incident would be all over the rags and Internet before morning.
‘Hot Wired’s drummer’s sister is at it again!’ They’d go on to paint her wild and immoral comportment.
Have at it you fucks. Can’t hurt me any more than you already have, but what about the band?
Distance from Hot Wired would aid all of them. She’d get her peace of mind back, and they’d be devoid of the rebel-rouser in their group.
She’d mentioned changing her last name and moving back to their Southern roots in the small Alabama town where she’d been born. Jase had gone bat-shit crazy at the suggestion and went on and on about how their parents would be rolling over in their grave at her abandoning the family name.
The name-change idea had been discarded. Swept under the rug like a dust bunny never to be spoken of again.
Torn between two worlds, Sam was suffocating. Living with someone she couldn’t have in a world where she didn’t belong.
She sank back down onto the bench and lay down on the uncomfortable metal, staring at the ceiling. “Go away, Heath. I’m not in the mood for a lecture.”
A sigh came from him, followed by a long pause. She anticipated he’d argue, but she focused on the water spot marring the tiled ceiling and prepared herself to fight back.
The sound of his retreating boots hitting concrete echoed in the room. His exit surprised her, but relieved her too. Faced with his disappointment, she vowed again she’d terminate her criminal behavior.
She settled the backside of her wrist against her forehead. She made that promise to herself often and botched the good intentions each time.
After a moment, a new set of footsteps approached the cell. Even with her eyes closed she determined the intruder wasn’t Heath. In a room full of guests, she could identify his gait. Heath’s solid steps and long stride made for a unique swagger that bespoke his self-confidence. Celebrated his rocker status. Watching him walk compared to admiring art. Ogling his ass as he strode away…eye-gasms.
This individual’s fast-paced walk reminded her of the peppered rounds of gunfire. She waited for the person to speak. The clink of metal striking metal and locks disengaging snagged her attention. She turned her head. The thirty-something deputy swung the cell-door open. “You’re free to go, Ms. Collins.”
Sam rolled off the bench and grinned at the officer as she sidled past him. She’d bragged as they booked her that they wouldn’t hold her long and the charges wouldn’t stick.
In the lobby, Heath waited for her with his hands shoved in his jeans pocket. His shaggy-butchered hair shadowed his eyes, doing a good job of hiding his expression, but the hard line of his jaw indicated he’d married his irritation. Lectures were sure to come.
Looking at him, no one would guess he rocked the panties off chicks worldwide. With his long-sleeved, pull-over black shirt, sporting a white skull, his snug well-worn jeans and scuffed boots, he appeared as average as any hard American worker.
That’s what I need to warm my cold bed. Average. Not my brother’s best friend and rock star god.
There was nothing average about Heath Fangor—Fang to his band mates and the world. Neither would he seduce her. Not even as a one-time gig. The man and his fucked up principals…or maybe they were her fucked up principals because she couldn’t say for sure if she’d enter into a one-night-stand with him if he begged for one. She wanted more, and a one-nighter would be difficult to live with.
“Thanks for the bail out, Fang.” She breezed past him with all intention of snubbing him, but he caught her arm. He held on tight, giving her a warning glare when she tried to jerk free.
“Don’t be ungrateful, brat.” He towed her toward the elevator.
“Thanks for the autograph, Fang!” She glanced back at the deputy who’d released her from the cell. He waved a piece of paper at them, grinning ear-to-ear.
Heath shoved her into the lift. The moment the doors shut, he slammed his palms down on either side of her head. Sam sucked in a breath, her eyes frozen on his sexy-ass mouth. The bottom lip was slightly puffier than the top, nice and pink, and wet. He’d probably licked them, which explained the sheen. She had naughty fantasies with them as the star of the show navigating her body. The damage she suspected they could accomplish created a slippery situation in her panties.
A slight tilt of his lips before he said, “Eyes on mine.”
She refocused and locked onto his silver gaze. The accusations she saw there struck her like a blow to the gut. Looking away would be easier, but Heath had a way of holding her to a higher level with just a penetrating stare. His expectations were tall, and she despised him for having such grand aspirations for her.
“What’s gotten into you? Base diving—”
“That was fun. You should try it.”
“—bar brawls, knifing chicks in Miami—”
“Hey! I was found innocent of that allegation!”
Elevating his eyebrows, he called her statement a lie without uttering a word.
“—and now you’re adding grand theft auto to your long list of offenses.”

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Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a “normal” person in southern society.  When not writing, she’s a full-time basketball/football/guitar mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She’s addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels, movies, Alabama football and coffee…addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She’s convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and blending coffee and writing together generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs. To learn more about Gracen and her writing or to leave her a comment, visit her at the following sites:

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Featured Book & Interview With Tammy Dennings Maggy:

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! The work week's halfway over and I'm sure you're all gearing up for a fabulous weekend. If you're looking for a great read to cozy up to on your days off, I've got just the one for you. To talk more about it, I'd like to welcome Author, Tammy Dennings Maggy to my place. Tammy and I had a chance to sit down and discuss her newest release, The Surrender of Julia, Now and Forever 3 (available in digital and paperback format) and some of the little known things that make her 'tick'. Without further ado, please welcome, Tammy Dennings Maggy.

Hi Tammy and thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule to be here with us today. I'm anxious to get to your interview, but first, I'd like to show everyone your newest release, The Surrender of Julia, Now and Forever 3:

That is one incredible cover! For those who are just joining us, here's a little bit about your new book:
Release Date: December 28, 2013
Publisher: Sassy Vixen Publishing LLC
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Categories: LGBT, bisexual, BDSM, spanking,    
                      Fantasy, redemption, erotic,
                      Paranormal elements
Sexual pairings: M/F and F/F


L.A. artist phenom Julia Santos appeared to have it all. Her creativity was at its peak and she had her muse and model Jacob Hartley to thank for it. He brought the fire and raw sexuality back to her sculptures and into her bedroom, while her best friend and confidant Carmen gave her a sense of security she’d never felt before.

Afraid of her emerging desire to give herself over completely to Carmen as her submissive, Julia delved deeper into the hedonistic lifestyle she’d come to rely on to help her escape the horrors of her childhood. Her sexual encounters with men didn’t give her the comfort she craved, but led her down the path of self-destruction.

Her behavior caught the attention of the Goddess Fate and her Guardian Angel Daniel. Together they intervene and transport her to the realm between life and death called the Island. There she’s given a choice: stay and wait for her next rebirth, or go back and fight to be with the one who had been there for her through every lifetime.

Will she take the easy way out and leave all the pain behind, or will she choose the long and hard road in order to have her happily ever after with the Mistress of her dreams?

Story Excerpt:
The only way to the beach seemed to be through the sliding doors on the other side of the bedroom. The sound of sea gulls reached her ears as she stepped out onto the deck. A bubbling hot tub sat to her left and to her right was an outdoor kitchen, complete with a grill pit and cushioned deck chairs. Directly in front of her stretched the pale sandy beach. The waves called to her and she practically ran through the sand to get to the point where the water gently lapped against her calves. Julia wiggled her toes into the sand, loving the feel of it slipping and sliding between them. “This is sheer Heaven.”

Then it hit her. The whole confrontation with Jacob and Mario in the condo replayed on fast forward in her mind. She remembered drinking way too much whiskey and then swallowing some pain killers. “Oh, my God!  I just wanted to sleep. I didn’t want to die. This is why I’m here. I’m dead.” She sank to her knees in the surf and sobbed.

“Julia, you’re not dead.” A tall blond man stood before her on the beach. He looked to be in his late twenties, covered in tattoos and sporting multiple piercings. His eyes were what drew her right in. They were the blue green color of the ocean she sat in.   His eyes made her feel immediately at ease.

He held out his hand to her. “Come on. We’ve a lot to talk about and I’m sure you’re full of questions for me too.”

“Where did you come from? I thought I was the only one here.” Julia took his hand and allowed him to help her get to her feet and out of the water.  Goosebumps covered her body, but she wasn’t cold. “If I’m not dead, then how did I get here?”

He laughed. “I’ll answer all your questions, but first you have to give me a chance to do it before you fire off more.”  He wrapped a large beach towel around her shoulders as they made their way back up toward her bungalow. “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. I’m the Guardian assigned to watch over you and help you find your way back to the destiny chosen for you by The Three.”
She sat down on one of the deck chairs and beckoned to him to sit next to her. “Guardian?  As in guardian angel?”

He nodded. “My name is Daniel. The Goddess Fate chose me to watch over you and several other people. One of them you know already, Jake Hartley.”

Julia’s eyes filled with tears. “I hurt him so badly. Is he okay? I mean he stormed out of our condo last night. I don’t know where he went.”

Daniel shook his head.  “He was in a horrific accident on his bike. He slammed into the back of a semi—”

“No! He’s not dead. He can’t be.” Julia bolted out of her chair and barely reached the end of the deck before she threw up.

Daniel went immediately to her side, holding her hair out of the way until she stopped retching. 

“I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, Julia. Jake’s fighting for his life right now. But you need to believe me when I tell you he’s in good hands. His father is my partner and right now he’s there with him and the rest of the family.”

“He wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me. I did this to him.”  Sobs tore through her body again. She’d never cried over anyone or anything before Jacob. All of it became more than she could take. “Please. Leave me here to die. Take care of him.”

WOW! is an understatement!

After reading that, I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on a copy of this book. So, let's get to the interview so you can get to know Tammy Dennings Maggy a little better:

Madison:    I'd like to know what made you decide to write your book?

       Tammy:  This particular book came about because a certain character wouldn’t keep quiet. Julia Santos started out as a brief mention as back story for another character in the first book of my Now and Forever series. She got so loud in book two, I had to split the story up into two separate books. That’s how The Surrender of Julia (Now and Forever 3) was born.
Madison:   Who are your favorite authors?

       Tammy: My reading tastes are all over the place. Stephen King and Ann Rice are my top favorites, followed closely by James Patterson, JK Rowling, George R. R. Martin, and JRR Tolkien. I have many other books on my kindles now…including a few of yours!

Madison:      Thank you so're too sweet. I'm honored to be on your Kindle. Guess're on mine, too! Okay, back to our interview.
 Who is your inspiration to write your own work? Can you tell us more about it?

       Tammy: I have to say the authors I’ve met over the last few years have inspired me the most. They’ve encouraged me to keep going even when I wanted to stop. It’s hard putting yourself and your work out there for people to like or slam. Some days it’s so disheartening I just want to crawl into bed and never write another word…or at least never share it with anyone. It’s my fellow author friends, readers and bloggers who keep me going. I watch them muddle through edits, reviews and a variety of other things with grace and dignity. I hope when I grow up I can be just like them!

Madison: You mean we HAVE to grow up? Damn. I'm not sure I can do that.
    What gets on your nerves the most when reading a book by another author?

     Tammy: The things that bug me the most are blatant editing and spelling mistakes. You’re always going to find a couple in a book, but when you have five or more per PAGE, that gets ridiculous. I recently had formatting issues with one of my books and it freaked me out. The paragraphs were all out of whack and the spacing between the lines wasn’t what I set it up to be. I found a fix for that and now I’m happy again. LOL 
I wish I could go back to the time before I ever had to do rounds of edits with an editor. Now when I read for pleasure, I can’t help but pull out all the things I know my editor would point out. Sometimes it ruins the story for me for a bit.

Madison: Oh, I agree! But, I won;t get started on what gets on my nerves. Ha!
      Do you prefer HEA or HFN endings in the books you read?

     Tammy:  I prefer the ending that’s supposed to be there. Not all stories are meant to have a happy ending.  For all romances though you need a HEA or HFN as required by the rules of the genre. You know me. I love to break the rules and don’t mind it when the book I’m reading has an ending I didn’t expect or really want to see happen.

Madison:      Again, I agree. The characters tell us what they want to do and forcing a HEA doesn't always work. 
What about in yours? HEA or HFN?

     Tammy:   The Surrender of Julia has a HEA. It starts out with you knowing Julia is with the one she loves, but has unresolved issues preventing her from making that last step in their commitment to each other. Julia’s happily ever after actually comes when she’s able to forgive herself for her past and the mistakes she’s made along the way.

Madison:     What are your hobbies? (pick one or list a few)

     Tammy:Besides reading like a fiend, I love to knit and crochet. I also make decorated frames for my poetry. If I could cook and bake all the time I would be in absolute heaven. Nothing makes me happier than to put on a huge spread for friends and family.

Madison:  What are you most grateful for this year?

     Tammy:    I’m grateful for my rock—my husband Liam. He came into my life when I was at my lowest point thinking I didn’t deserve to be happy. My heart was shattered beyond repair and yet he healed me. He gives me the love and support I’ve never had and always longed to find.
My friends and family also support me even though they don’t understand why I have to keep writing “smut.” LOL!
I’m most grateful for my core group of author buds. We laugh and cry together and support each other through all our ups and downs. Without them, I’d never pick up the pen to write down another scene.

Madison: I feel the same way about my husband. They'll never understand what they mean to us.
      Since we know you love to cook, do you have a recipe you'd like to share with all of us?

     Tammy:  Since Tawny Savage shared my grandfather’s Harvey Wallbanger Cake with you all when she was here the last time, I thought I’d share an appetizer that’s my go to and the most requested from my coworkers and family.

Meat Covered Cheese Ball

2 small packages of cream cheese softened
8 scallions (green onions) chopped
1 tsp of Accent (seasoning that has MSG in it)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
1 to 1 ½ cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 small package of sliced pastrami, ham, or beef (I use pastrami) chopped to small pieces
Crackers: I use the BIG Wheat thins but you can use any firm cracker

Mix together the cream cheese, scallions, Accent, Worcestershire, shredded cheese and about a third of the chopped meat. Form it into a ball.  Spread out the remaining meat on a flat surface and roll the ball of cheese through the meat, coating the entire thing.
Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least 30 minutes before serving.


Thank you so much for being here, my friend. As always, I adore you and we always have so much fun when we're together! Good luck on your newest release and your many upcoming projects with Sassy Vixen Publishing!! 

Below, I've listed the buy links and links to Tammy's website, etc. Happy Reading everyone and don't forget to leave a review after reading this incredible book. Stop back soon!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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