Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review: From Hel With Love, XIII Hour Series by Blue Remy


Hel hath no fury like her Raven scorned.

Fallen Valkyrie Legionnaire, Raven Aquilus, has always known she was an outcast to her kind. Stuck in New Orleans as the Protectress of the Nine Gates of the Underworld, she lives as close to the edge as her family will allow. One fateful night would change it all—someone ritualistically slaughtered a guardian in one of her Gates, leaving Raven lying in a pool of blood. Ordered to find the killer before she dies along with her precious guardians, Raven is placed in a race against time to stop an ancient war from reigniting between the Valkyries and the Fae. 

FBI Paranormal Agent Duncan O’Brien is brought in to investigate the brutal murders, but he is completely blind to the fact that he has landed in a fallen Valkyrie’s domain. Time is running out and Raven must enlist Duncan and his team to help discover the killer before she loses another one of her guardians. 

Duncan is the epitome of control, but even he is not immune to Raven’s beauty and magnetism. Raven is an enigma wrapped up in the body of lust, and shocked to find herself attracted to a human. Both must fight their emotions to work together, before Raven faces losing everything from her life - to a new found love, in order to save the Underworld from being ruled by a jealous half breed. 

Welcome the XIII Hour™ series. Betrayal, Lust, Love, Murder, Jealousy and Revenge. The faery-tales that your mother never told you about just came true.

Blue Remy has created an amazing world based in legend, mythology and fantasy interwoven with bits of 'just enough reality' to make you wish, if not believe, her characters are real. This is exactly what a fantasy should be. Blue has nailed it! 

From the onset, I became completely obsessed with Raven. Her kick-ass bravado combined with looks that kill will send shockwaves through any reader. Agent O'Brien and his naivety in the beginning, brings a certain balance to this fantastic environment. Humans and Valkyrie working together becomes an incredible race against time, against all reality, against everything you've ever been told about the Underworld. There are times you won't be able to believe your eyes or your heart and this story will keep you involved right up to the very end.  

I don't like comparing "author to author", but this author's work reminds me of one of my favorite author's work. From Hel With Love is written in a fast-paced, well-flowing manner with a plot that doesn't lag and never disappoints. The characters throughout this story climb into your mind and won't let you go. With gut-wrenching scenes laden with emotion and action, And the ending? It left me speechless! 

Blue has quickly become one of my favorites. She sucked me in and now I cannot wait for the next book in this series. I sit here breathless with anticipation!

Expect great things from this author...really great things!

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