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New Release: Banged In The Bayou by Rosie Peaks

Today I welcome newly published Indie author, Rosie Peaks. Rosie currently has two published stories available on Smashwords and Amazon. Let's get a look at the covers and blurbs before we get into her interview.

Blurb for Banged In The Bayou:

WARNING: This is a fictional story with a fictional monster. Contains hardcore, explicit and anal sex with a swamp monster, descriptive language, adult content and should not be read by anyone without a sense of humor or adventure. This is ONLY a work of my imagination and any similarity to anyone who has indeed had sex with a swamp monster is purely coincidental. No swamp monsters, crocodiles, raccoons, plants, snakes or spiders were harmed in the making of this book. The contents herein are FICTION and suitable for adults ONLY. Preferably adults who have wild imaginations.

I'm Rosie Peaks and this is my story. A first hand account of what happened one sultry day in Louisiana. On my way to the Gulf of Mexico for some sunbathing, my car broke down. Stranded in Cajun country, I was lost and alone. Desperate, dehydrated and lost in the deep swamps, I had no idea what or who awaited me beneath the Cyprus trees. This is the story of my encounter with the sexiest creature I've ever met.

Blurb for Stealing Her Husband:

J.B. isn't your typical man-stealing woman. She's never been pretty. Never been thin. But she didn't let that stop her. She found her mark and made sure she got him. Don never saw it coming. In fact, he still doesn't know J.B. manipulated the entire thing. This mastermind of a woman seduced him and they are still married today. 

J.B. tells us the story in her own words. Names and places, dates are changed to protect the identity of people involved. Any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental. 

I know all of you are wondering about these books. First of all, who in their right mind would want to read about sex with a swamp monster? Second, an official story from a woman who is a self-professed man-stealer. Wow! I haven't had the chance to read either of these, but I've never been one to judge a book by it's, I'll be picking up my copies this evening.

Let' get to that interview. I have some really important things I need answers to.

Hi Rosie. Thank you so much for being here. 
Rosie: Thanks for having me. I'm sure you know there aren't many people willing to have me on their blog. Apparently monster sex and a story from an adulteress aren't exactly popular.
Well, I like to think I;m a pretty open minded person. You've seen what I write and read. Like I said, everyone deserves the chance to promote their work. But, I'm just dying to ask you: Are you seriously in love with a swamp monster? I find it very hard to believe.
Rosie: Of course I am. Haven't you ever wondered if those spooky tales you were told as a child are actually true? Haven't you ever questioned the 'norm'? (laughter) Well, I have always questioned everything. What I didn't expect to find...I found. Now, I spend my life searching for other so-called monsters. If one exists, they all must.
Of course I've wondered. But you must understand how difficult it is to believe that you actually had sex with a monster! I have to wonder if you were or are on some kind of drugs. 
Rosie: No. I'm not on nor have I ever been on drugs. Unless you consider sex a drug. In that case, I'm always high.
Alright then. Have you had any other um...experiences with monsters? 
Rosie: You'll have to wait for the nest book.
You have to know that people are never going to believe this story. I mean, of course it makes great fiction but...
Rosie: It is a great story, isn't it? It is up to you and the readers as to whether they believe it or not. I know it happened. I dream about it twenty-four-seven. Daydreams, fantasies, wet-dreams all night. He is always on my mind. Once you experienced double-penetration with the most exquisite cocks in the world, it's sort of hard to forget. Not that I'd want to.
Well, I have to admit that I am intrigued and truly cannot wait to hear about your other exploits. Now, about your other book, are you a friend of the woman who wrote to you with her story? Does this 'J.B.' really exist?
Rosie: (laughter) Of course she does. My books are truth. We all know truth is most times stranger than fiction. I've proven that. The funny thing is that most people will not believe absolute truth. They'd rather believe in fiction. Luckily, my life, my associates and my escapades seem like fiction and I feel many people will indeed believe them. Look around. How many paranormal investigation teams are there in the world? How many people are out there right now searching for the ever elusive 'Bigfoot'? How many people out there have cheated on someone and how many would just love to gloat about their conquests? I just happen to have a friend who has gotten everything she's ever wanted. J.B. couldn't wait for me to share her story and I was only too happy to oblige.
You do realize that most publishers won't even allow stories of adultery, don't you?
Rosie: Of course. That's why I self-pub my work. Sure, the covers aren't the greatest, but what's inside of every book? Reality. Truth. The unbelievable. Many people understand that the cover doesn't really matter. It's what is inside that is important. Take Stealing Her Husband for example: I chose that cover because she closely resembles my friend, who is in fact pretty. But everyone expects thin, sultry women to be on the covers. I try to keep mine closer to reality. Banged In The Bayou...that cover model is somewhat a close resemblance to what I look like. But, not exact.
So many readers have written to me and they are pissed. "How dare that trashy woman write about destroying a family!" Or "You're a disgusting and vile excuse for a woman! How could you have sex with such a disgusting beast?"  So you see, there are people who believe. They simply don't like being forced to accept what really happens in this world.
I've had readers who have a special 'connection' with J.B. because they, too are cheaters, adulteresses. They're happy that someone finally had the balls to tell their story. And the amount of men and women who fantasize of double-penetration by giant'd never believe how many there are.
I can only imagine. Well, Rosie, thank you for telling us more about you. Where are you headed now?
Rosie: New Mexico. I've heard there are many undiscovered 'myths' and legends I need to 'research'. I hope to find more thrills!
Well, it sounds like you know exactly what you're looking for. Good luck and I hope you'll come back to let us know how you're doing.
Rosie: Definitely. Thank you for having me.

If you'd like to purchase Rosie's books, just click the links and you can find them here:

Both books are only 99 cents. When Rosie released these books, she listed them for free. In just a number of days, there were over 900 downloads. I'm off to buy my own copies. I have to know what all of the fuss is about!
Happy Reading!

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