Friday, November 15, 2013

Featured: 5 STARS for Dracula: In The Flesh by T.K. Hardin (Tracey H. Kitts)

One can always tell if an author is writing from the heart, the soul or if the author is simply writing for 'the machine'. Tracey H. Kitts is one author who has never written for anyone other than her readers and her newest book, an erotic horror novel, Dracula: In The Flesh is no exception.

From the very beginning, Tracey, writing as T.K. Hardin, sucks you into the story and virtually imprisons you. Her voice and characters make it impossible for you to leave until you've swallowed every last drop of their stories. And when it's over, you feel as though you've been a key-player in their drama; watching, feeling, experiencing each up and down, twist and turn through their eyes, their souls.

So many other authors have tried valiantly to breathe new life into the oldest known Dark Prince, but none have managed to do it in such a phenomenal way. 

I personally know this book was written with only the most intense of emotion. Fueled by the love and grief from the loss of someone close to her, Tracey has literally poured everything into this spin, this incredibly intoxicating , no-holds-barred literary masterpiece. 

That is what has always and will always be the difference between writing to appease the unseen elite and writing to please the soul. From a reader's point of view, many of the authors sitting at 'elite' status should be very afraid. Tracey H. Kitts has created something that many of them will never be able to do. Dracula: In The Flesh will be remembered. Long after we are gone, this book shall awaken new generations of readers over and over again. This is one of the very few books that will indeed be immortal.

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