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Cover Reveal for Changed By You by Natalie Taylor

Welcome to the COVER REVEAL for Natalie Taylor's 'Changed By You', coming in December of 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing! Let's learn a little but about Natalie. Please check out her bio below:
Natalie Taylor’s first story was typed out on pink paper while she listened to Jim Croce at age ten. Since then she has found a love for using plain white paper and stopped hiding her work in shoe boxes. She believes music is the cure for most everything—reading and writing will cure everything else. When Natalie isn’t writing, playing the piano or riding shotgun with her husband in their drag car, you’ll find her pulling flip-flops from a puppy’s mouth. It’s a vicious cycle. Marathons of The Big Bang Theory and coffee help her juggle a nine-to-five data entry job.

Now for the blurb:
Grace Addington imprisoned herself between a place where reality never played a role and where she had control over her happily-ever-after. When her dreams spiral out of control and turn darker she’s left fighting to escape her past once again and runs right into the arms of charming Trevor Stone. He's everything she needs to give her the push to move on, but letting go of her first love won’t be easy. 

I'm hooked! Sounds like a great story. Now, the moment you've been waiting for. Check out this amazing cover!

How gorgeous is that? Wow! Definitely a great cover for this New Adult Novel.
Natalie was kind enough to send an excerpt  for em to share with all of you:
For a split second the world stopped. His icy-blue eyes stung her skin with just a glance and she became defenseless to his stare. Grace couldn’t walk away from him even if she knew he could be poisonous. She leaned back and drank him in for a moment. Her imagination, left unattended, ran wild once again. She was sweaty-palms, nervous-heart shaky.
“Let’s go.”
Her heart fluttered in her chest and her toes tingled as he helped her climb over the roll cage and into the racing seat. She had never taken off like this before. And in this moment she wanted nothing more than to shove her fear in the trunk, keeping it locked away from all she was experiencing. I can do this! Grace had to lean back in her seat as he grabbed the four point harness and set it over her shoulders. The muscles in his arms flexed as he snugged her seatbelt and locked it into place. Her face flushed with the dirty thoughts skipping through her head. She bit her lip. “Where are we going?”
“Hush,” he said. His lips pressed together and they brushed against her nose then across her right cheek before he stopped inches from her lips. She parted them waiting for his kiss. But it never came. His hand ran up the inside of her thigh and he squeezed, gently. She pushed her bottom into the seat, relishing in his touch. His cheek brushed the side of her forehead and sent a thrill into places abandoned for so long. Grace touched the outside of her hand against his cheek and down against his Adam’s apple. The exact place she had dreamt of kissing since the night before.
“Your ass fits this seat very well.”
Grace grinned with pleasure. She liked dirty compliments. Lights flashed up on the dash and her mind cleared as Trevor slid into the driver’s seat. He hooked his four-point harness and turned the key in the ignition. The car wasn’t the only thing he was turning on. She was caught in a twirling downfall and left grabbing the roll cage with her right hand to find some ground.
“Hold on sunshine. I’m going to give you ten seconds of pure adrenaline rush!”
Grace gripped the left side of her seat, pushing her nails deeper into the leather as he peeled out of the parking lot and onto the straight stretch. She squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed hard, fighting her anxious stomach. Trevor slipped his hand over hers.
“Open your eyes—feel the rush!”
Grace felt a spark flicker between them, coaxing her guarded heart to beat faster. She opened her eyes to look out the window. The green trees and blue sky blended into a blob of color that swirled into each other and mixed to create a new world to her. The power of the engine pushed her back into her seat as Trevor shifted gears. It was the perfect antidote to her untrained desire. Then the ten seconds were up, that quick. She was left reaching for more. Her blood pumped through her veins. She had never felt so-awake, alive—living and breathing. Suddenly, her dreams were no longer the lifeline running through her veins. It was him. Trevor Stone. He was running through her, madly out of control.

Fabulous! If you'd like to get in touch with Natalie, I've listed her links below:

Natalie, thank you for stopping by and sharing your big day with us and welcome to the Secret Cravings family!!


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