Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's The Most Stressful Time of the Year!

We hear it everywhere we go, on every tv and radio station and of course, on social media. "I'm so stressed out!" This year, I tried to soothe many people, letting them know it isn't that bad. So what if your house isn't decorated perfectly or your turkey is dry? In the grand scheme of things, does it truly matter? A few people replied with "You're right. Thank you." Others, "You just don't know my family!" True. I also know there are some battles you just can't matter how "prepared" you are. So, I acquiesced and went about my merry way to try to help someone else find their inner Zen, relax and take it all in stride.

Meanwhile, I began my Thanksgiving day preparations last weekend. This being our first Thanksgiving as an officially married couple (after 14 years of 'living in sin'), I wanted to put my best wifely foot forward. I even gathered coupons this time. Not out of necessity, but because I have been lacking in my couponing lately and figured this would be the perfect time to get back on track. After 3 hours of online searching, comparing, coupon printing, mapping out every aisle in the big-name grocery store, piling first aid supplies (just in case I had to smack a bitch to get the last pie crust in the county), packed the car with snacks, gloves hats, drinks (for any unforeseen emergency) and slipped on my grocery shopping attire (standard jeans, hoodie and Bear Paw boots), I was ready. I was going to ROCK this year's Thanksgiving shopping bonanza!

Of course, we arrived and I went dutifully down my list, putting all of my coupons (per item) in my handy coupon holder. This entire trip took another three hours and as always, we bought more than was on my list. No surprise there. But it didn't matter. Because I had achieved deals! I had gotten every single thing I would need for the BIG day! Nothing stopped me. Except...there weren't any pumpkin pies or pie crusts left. And at the time, I was too exhausted to really care. I'd just go to the store during the week sometime and grab pumpkin, pre-made pie crusts, etc. Or if necessary, a frozen pie. I was sure there'd be more deals to be had. It was all good.

After another two or three trips to the store ("to pick up EVERYTHING ELSE I'd forgotten"), we were now nearing Wednesday. I'd planned on making the pies and pumpkin cookies Tuesday night. We all know it's easiest to get the baking done first, freeing the oven for the always necessary bird.

Tuesday night, I spent a few hours rummaging through Christmas decorations before realizing I actually had more pressing things to do. Placing all of the ingredients for cookies on the counter, heating the oven and gathering utensils had me in an upbeat mood. However, as I looked around and in every cupboard, on every flat surface, I realized I'd forgotten to buy the damn canned pumpkin! Yes, you heard me. I forgot the damn pumpkin! After a weekend shopping trip, and subsequent trips to the stores, I still managed to neglect to pick up what I had gone there for in the first place.

You know those shows where a woman "snaps"? There's always a string of events that lead up to that point. The pumpkin was just the beginning. 

Today, I ran to the stores (again) and post office. This time, I practically cha-cha'd out of the store with my prized canned pumpkin. I remembered to pick up some extra bowls because I never have enough of those for leftovers. (Don't ask me where they go. I have no idea.) And I made it home in time to get the cookies mixed and baked without incident. This would leave plenty of time for making homemade stuffing, laundry, supper and hopefully some more Christmas unpacking.

But, guess what? I had neglected to check my stash of frozen, left-over bread. (I keep it all year for Thanksgiving). Every single package was freezer burned! At this point, around 5 p.m., I haven't eaten, I've had way too many cups of coffee and I'm running out of time. Another trip to the closer store (6 miles instead of 18) and spending $5 for 2 lousy loaves of bread is NOT what I'm "up for". But it needs done or I will be without my great-grandma's homemade stuffing. That simply cannot happen. So, I rush to the store, but ever mindful of the speed limit, because no one was ever thankful for a speeding ticket, and the entire time, my list of to-do's is running through my head. By the time I reach the small grocery, I'm practically shaking with palpitations. Hurriedly I pay for the bread and dash back to my car. Oh, but guess what? Tonight, in twenty-degree-weather, every Amish family in the county is out on the main road. I'm nsuddenly crawling home behind buggy after buggy at ten mph with no room to pass because the other lane on our very hilly, winding road is also occupied by buggy after buggy. There is no where to go.

Of course. So, as I sit in my car, creeping along I see family after family on their way to somewhere. I'm bitching and complaining under my breath and trying my best to mask my disgust of them being in my way. How dare they, right? I was definitely feeling a bit crazed. My to-do list still fueling my desire to fly home and get busy and yet,  there was no escape. After five and a half miles of thinking, mumbling, counting to a thousand...I turn onto our road. It suddenly hits me! I have been running around like everyone else I'd tried to soothe. I'd been harping and worrying just like they were. Could it be?  

As I pull into our driveway I realized the most important thing of all; I had nothing to really worry about. We aren't traveling. My husband's family lives far away so they aren't visiting. (As for my biological family, well...that's another blogpost.) My husband is safe and sound, my daughter was baking cookies, my ChiChi has been doing better, Dallas is great, Zoey is fine...  I have the things I'm supposed to have. 

But for a few hours, I forgot. I was caught up in the "way it should be" set by some social standard. I became the one thing I swore I wouldn't be. Stressed. And that isn't how our holidays usually are. This year will not be any different. It's very easy-going at our house. As it should be. Do we miss seeing certain people? Sure. But my husband and daughter visit them when it isn't the holidays, when  it isn't expected. And they know where we are if they ever want to visit us. All in all, it works out just fine. Stress-free.

Hopefully, this funny little tidbit from my life finds you laughing. It doesn't matter if your new home isn't decorated, if boxes aren't unpacked, if you buy canned cranberry sauce instead of make the "real" stuff or if you have paper plates over good china. What matters is the people you are surrounded by, the people who truly love you and support you, the people you share your happiness with. As long as you focus on that and on being kind to each other, you'll truly see the many reasons to be thankful.

I wish all of you safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

New Release: Have A Fairy Christmas by K.B. Miller:

I normally write, review and share romance books, but I am so thrilled to share this newest children's book with all of you! Check out this new release from K.B. Miller! This book is adorable!

I was given the wonderful opportunity to not only read Have A Fairy Christmas by K.B. Miller, but I've also been given permission to allow one lucky person to WIN a free copy of their very own. But first, let's get a look at the blurb:
"New Friends, Unicorns, and the Winter Court...

That’s what’s in store this holiday season for Holly Daniels. Two days before Christmas, she takes a special trip to the mall to see Santa Claus. He sends her to the library on a quest to find a book that could make her dreams come true.

Since moving to Montana, Holly hasn’t made any new friends. And, being an only child can be very lonely. All that could change when Holly meets Dylan, the princess of the Winter Court in the Fairy Realm. 

Christmas fun and Fairy enchantment is on its way in,

Have a Fairy Christmas! "

This would make such a cute gift for someone this year! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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You can find K.B. Miller here:

And you can find Have a Fairy Christmas at these online locations:

Remember to leave your email in the comments section so I can contact you if you WIN. And check back on December 5th to see if you've won. Now, I'm off to read this adorable book so that I can give it a proper review.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Giveaway Contest on FB Author Page

As a 'thank you' to my readers, I'm giving away presents!! Follow the link below for another giveaway. I'm giving away four more Harry Potter desk sets. Each one includes a paper clip. letter opener and a money clip. They make great stocking stuffers or you can always keep it for yourself.

How do you enter?
1. Follow the fb link to the post on my author page.
2. Upload a pic of my book Anything You Want, Book 1 of the River Jewel Resort series---from your kindle, pc, phone or any other e-reader. 
3. The first four people to do so, WIN one of these sets.

Link: Madison Sevier, Author 

First come, first serve. 

HUGE thanks to my readers and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cover Reveal for Changed By You by Natalie Taylor

Welcome to the COVER REVEAL for Natalie Taylor's 'Changed By You', coming in December of 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing! Let's learn a little but about Natalie. Please check out her bio below:
Natalie Taylor’s first story was typed out on pink paper while she listened to Jim Croce at age ten. Since then she has found a love for using plain white paper and stopped hiding her work in shoe boxes. She believes music is the cure for most everything—reading and writing will cure everything else. When Natalie isn’t writing, playing the piano or riding shotgun with her husband in their drag car, you’ll find her pulling flip-flops from a puppy’s mouth. It’s a vicious cycle. Marathons of The Big Bang Theory and coffee help her juggle a nine-to-five data entry job.

Now for the blurb:
Grace Addington imprisoned herself between a place where reality never played a role and where she had control over her happily-ever-after. When her dreams spiral out of control and turn darker she’s left fighting to escape her past once again and runs right into the arms of charming Trevor Stone. He's everything she needs to give her the push to move on, but letting go of her first love won’t be easy. 

I'm hooked! Sounds like a great story. Now, the moment you've been waiting for. Check out this amazing cover!

How gorgeous is that? Wow! Definitely a great cover for this New Adult Novel.
Natalie was kind enough to send an excerpt  for em to share with all of you:
For a split second the world stopped. His icy-blue eyes stung her skin with just a glance and she became defenseless to his stare. Grace couldn’t walk away from him even if she knew he could be poisonous. She leaned back and drank him in for a moment. Her imagination, left unattended, ran wild once again. She was sweaty-palms, nervous-heart shaky.
“Let’s go.”
Her heart fluttered in her chest and her toes tingled as he helped her climb over the roll cage and into the racing seat. She had never taken off like this before. And in this moment she wanted nothing more than to shove her fear in the trunk, keeping it locked away from all she was experiencing. I can do this! Grace had to lean back in her seat as he grabbed the four point harness and set it over her shoulders. The muscles in his arms flexed as he snugged her seatbelt and locked it into place. Her face flushed with the dirty thoughts skipping through her head. She bit her lip. “Where are we going?”
“Hush,” he said. His lips pressed together and they brushed against her nose then across her right cheek before he stopped inches from her lips. She parted them waiting for his kiss. But it never came. His hand ran up the inside of her thigh and he squeezed, gently. She pushed her bottom into the seat, relishing in his touch. His cheek brushed the side of her forehead and sent a thrill into places abandoned for so long. Grace touched the outside of her hand against his cheek and down against his Adam’s apple. The exact place she had dreamt of kissing since the night before.
“Your ass fits this seat very well.”
Grace grinned with pleasure. She liked dirty compliments. Lights flashed up on the dash and her mind cleared as Trevor slid into the driver’s seat. He hooked his four-point harness and turned the key in the ignition. The car wasn’t the only thing he was turning on. She was caught in a twirling downfall and left grabbing the roll cage with her right hand to find some ground.
“Hold on sunshine. I’m going to give you ten seconds of pure adrenaline rush!”
Grace gripped the left side of her seat, pushing her nails deeper into the leather as he peeled out of the parking lot and onto the straight stretch. She squeezed her eyes shut and swallowed hard, fighting her anxious stomach. Trevor slipped his hand over hers.
“Open your eyes—feel the rush!”
Grace felt a spark flicker between them, coaxing her guarded heart to beat faster. She opened her eyes to look out the window. The green trees and blue sky blended into a blob of color that swirled into each other and mixed to create a new world to her. The power of the engine pushed her back into her seat as Trevor shifted gears. It was the perfect antidote to her untrained desire. Then the ten seconds were up, that quick. She was left reaching for more. Her blood pumped through her veins. She had never felt so-awake, alive—living and breathing. Suddenly, her dreams were no longer the lifeline running through her veins. It was him. Trevor Stone. He was running through her, madly out of control.

Fabulous! If you'd like to get in touch with Natalie, I've listed her links below:

Natalie, thank you for stopping by and sharing your big day with us and welcome to the Secret Cravings family!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome To The Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!!

Huge thanks to Natasha Blackthorne and Close Encounters of the Night Kind for throwing this awesome hop and for letting me have a stop on the journey!!

Welcome to my place! Have a look around, get comfy and stay awhile. Well, stay long enough to enter for your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card and then, hop back to the linky list to continue on your way for chances to win more prizes!! Sounds exciting, right?

The theme for this giveaway is 'Wicked' and honestly, it couldn't be more perfect. Why? Because my first novel will be released this December with Secret Cravings Publishing and right here is where you all get the first glimpse of the amazing cover! Cover artist and multi-published author, Dawne Dominique at DusktilDawnDesigns has once again captured the essence and soul of my book! I can personally attest that her work is wicked awesome! And without any further ado, here is Wicked By Nature...
Note: This novel is 18+, Paranormal Erotic Romance.
***Selena Barnes comes from a long line of witches. When her parents were killed in a magical accident, she surrendered her powers and kept them a secret from her fiance, Shawn Richardson. Now, her biggest problems involve wedding details, appointments and town gossip. However, Selena will learn that things aren't always as they appear.

Deeply disturbing lies make her take a closer look at her life and her true destiny is revealed by her long-lost friends, Kelly and Keith Jacobs. With each revelation, she teeters on the precipice of her sanity. Can Selena accept the truth and save her friends or will she embrace the evil that wishes to claim her?***

Can't get much more wicked than that, can it?  Did I mention there's a love triangle...or two? In Salem Ridge, the HOT never stops!
Stay tuned for the exact release date!

If you have time, please check out my other books at Secret Cravings Publishing. Hunter's Fortune, Book 2 of the River Jewel Resort Series will be out in January 2014 and the follow up to Natural Lust, titled You'll Never Be Lonely, releases in February 2014. All of my books are erotic romances, full of naughty temptations. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming release dates. 

Now, for the fun part...the GIVEAWAY!! There are a few options to gain entry points. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. You can gain extra points by completing some tasks once a day. When you leave a blog post comment, please be sure to also leave your email address, Twitter or Facebook addy so that I can contact you if you WIN. Feel free to share this post with all of your friends. The more entries the better. And my other author friends have been working very hard to cook up some great prizes. Why? Because we're thankful for all of our naughty-lovin' readers! 

After you've completed your entries below, hop on back to Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop's Homepage or click on each of the three links below to enter each of the other giveaways on your journey. I will personally contact the winner within 48 hours of the contest end to arrange delivery of the $10 Amazon gift card. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon. Have fun and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hop on over to these AMAZING authors next:

>  36. Shauna Aura Knight                                                                   

  37. Heather Geoffries

  38. S.J. Maylee


Or click here>>>>>   Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop Home Page

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and thank you so much for stopping by!!

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Natasha Blackthorne & Close Encounters Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!! November 22-December 7

 Natasha Blackthorne and Close Encounters are hosting this year's Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop from November 22-December 7. Madison's Place will be participating this year. So, stop back for your chance to get the first look at my soon-to-be-released novel, Wicked By Nature and to win a WICKED prize. If you'd like to join, please follow the link below or click on the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop pic in the sidebar for details and rules. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Featured: 5 STARS for Dracula: In The Flesh by T.K. Hardin (Tracey H. Kitts)

One can always tell if an author is writing from the heart, the soul or if the author is simply writing for 'the machine'. Tracey H. Kitts is one author who has never written for anyone other than her readers and her newest book, an erotic horror novel, Dracula: In The Flesh is no exception.

From the very beginning, Tracey, writing as T.K. Hardin, sucks you into the story and virtually imprisons you. Her voice and characters make it impossible for you to leave until you've swallowed every last drop of their stories. And when it's over, you feel as though you've been a key-player in their drama; watching, feeling, experiencing each up and down, twist and turn through their eyes, their souls.

So many other authors have tried valiantly to breathe new life into the oldest known Dark Prince, but none have managed to do it in such a phenomenal way. 

I personally know this book was written with only the most intense of emotion. Fueled by the love and grief from the loss of someone close to her, Tracey has literally poured everything into this spin, this incredibly intoxicating , no-holds-barred literary masterpiece. 

That is what has always and will always be the difference between writing to appease the unseen elite and writing to please the soul. From a reader's point of view, many of the authors sitting at 'elite' status should be very afraid. Tracey H. Kitts has created something that many of them will never be able to do. Dracula: In The Flesh will be remembered. Long after we are gone, this book shall awaken new generations of readers over and over again. This is one of the very few books that will indeed be immortal.

You can find Tracey H. Kitts here:

Featured: 5 STARS for Benjamin, The Hudson Ranch Series by Lorraine Nelson

Every time I read one of Lorraine's books, I am transported into it. She manages to not only create a believable family, but also makes you feel as though you are a part of it. Her characters are well-developed and complex without becoming a confusing mess. Each event is superbly plotted and thought the point that you can visualize it happening. 

I often wonder...if all of her stories are somehow rooted in truth. Only an author who knows his/her characters so intimately could pull off this level of reading enjoyment! You;d think, after all of these years and books I've read, that I would no longer be surprised and delighted. But with Lorraine, she always knocks it outta' the park.

And I cannot forget to mention how much I love the cover art for this series! Kudos to the illustrator, Sharon Wilson-Dupuis! You are amazingly talented and I truly love your work.

If you haven't yet picked up any of Lorraine Nelson's work...I beg you to do so. You won't be disappointed.

Check out the blurb for Benjamin:

Rodeo cowboy Benjamin Hudson is one of four brothers set to inherit their father's ranch in northern Alberta. The only problem is, the three oldest have been estranged from Zackary Hudson for years. Their father's will states they have to live on the ranch for one year, show a profit, and care for their baby brother. The main problems…none of them know anything about running a working ranch or caring for an infant. They decide to hire domestic help for the primary care of Jeremiah.

Halifax native, Danielle Madison, wants to escape the pain of an abusive marriage and the resultant stillborn child. She sees the ad for a nanny on a ranch in Alberta, applies, and flies west without a second thought. For Dani it's work only, with no intention of becoming involved until she meets Benjamin, the tough-as-nails ex rodeo rider, who handles his baby brother with great gentleness and compassion. Little Jeremiah pulls at her heartstrings, and she's drawn to him, despite her resolve to remain aloof.

Love is not in Ben's vocabulary, except as it applies to his lost siblings. When things start disappearing and going wrong, Dani is Ben's initial suspect. He's attracted to her, despite her withdrawn persona, and tries to believe in her innocence as they work together to solve the mysterious happenings. Will love win out, or will the fear of commitment drive a permanent wedge between them? 
I also highly recommend that you read the first book in The Hudson Ranch Series. You won't want to put it down and the ending....OMG!

Here's the blurb for The Inheritance:
This short story serves as an introduction to the Hudson Ranch series.
Time is running out for Zackary Hudson. He has a fierce desire to reunite with his estranged sons, but they're proving difficult to find. He hires a private investigator and the search begins in earnest, but Zack doesn't like the information he's hearing.

You can find Lorraine Nelson here:



Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's In A Name?

As many of you know, I've only recently become a published author through Secret Cravings Publishing. Ever since I was a young girl, I've had stories running through my mind and many different tales to tell. However, I never really focused on the characters' names. 

Now, I find myself blessed with a Weekend Getaways Story, Natural Lust and a contract for five books in the River Jewel Resort Series, starting with the September 2013 release of Anything You Want, Book 1. This December, I have a novel, Wicked By Nature releasing with Secret Cravings Publishing which is currently going through the second round of edits. Like I said, I feel very blessed to have had so many of my works accepted. But here's the kicker, the one tiny snag...NAMING the many characters. 

In Natural Lust, we have Kallie Masters and Hank Fogle. With Anything You Want, I began the series focusing on Sydney Blake, her philandering husband, Roger and the handsome resort manager, Mark Willburn. Of course, there are secondary characters scattered throughout both books for all of you to meet. My novel, will introduce you to Selena Barnes, Keith, Kellie and Kyle Jacobs, Shawn Richardson and a few others. Book 2, Hunter's Fortune, in the River Jewel Resort Series, will let you get to know a sexy but extremely confused woman named Hunter Golde and a cast of characters I hope you'll love. 

Starting Book 3 hasn't been as difficult as I'd thought it would be. In fact, it's been great. The only problem I've had is choosing a surname for Sasha. Sunday night, I literally sat at my desk for three hours trying to think of a "good" last name. THREE hours! I'm sure other authors have found themselves in this situation quite often, but I wonder if they feel the same frustration I did? 

Yes, I could've gone on and written more of her story UNTIL a proper surname "popped" into my head, but for me, it doesn't work that way. My mother used to belittle me with phrases like; "You do everything ass-backwards." That one, seemingly insignificant phrase has ended up being the story of my life. I truly everything ass-backwards. But in my world, the writing world, it fits. 

I just cannot move forward until little details like names are perfect. I can't just create a story around someone who's incomplete. And as I sat here the other night, staring at walls, the keyboard, organizing my thousands of pens and pencils...I was stuck. Around 2:30 a.m., I closed my laptop, closed my notebook and there on the back of that ridiculous, small book of scribbled-on paper...was a name in BIG, bold print. Nelson. My character suddenly has "real" life blown into her because of a name on a notebook.

Two days later, I sit here laughing. Stories, plots, incidents come to me at the funniest and strangest of times. But, I've never had a name come to me like that, literally right in front of me the entire time. If only I had began to write my story in the ass-backwards way I do everything else, I'd have seen the name 'Nelson' alot sooner and my pens would still be unorganized, my keyboard would still be dusty, etc.

When readers ask; "How did you come up with names for your characters?", I immediately tense up. There is no rhyme or reason for me and I feel pressured to come up with some romantic tale of my character's birth. I try my best to make the name "fit" the character, research what a name means, etc., but the truth is...I simply go with what "feels" right. Since I've begun to work with Sasha, who happens to be shy, it's been a battle and I've had to pull details out of her. Then again, maybe I just wasn't listening like I should've been. Perhaps, we're too much alike to hear each other properly? Who knows. I don't have all of the answers, I just work here, doing their bidding and hope like Hell that I get it "right".

So, to readers, my question is this: How important is a character's name to you?

To other authors: What's been your experience with choosing character names?

Feel free to share your stories <3


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Black or White Sheep?

In the past few years, I've had ample opportunity to observe and participate in the writing/reading world. I've come in contact with more people in nine hundred days than I have in my entire life and sometimes, it's a bit overwhelming. But I can say this: I've learned A LOT. 

That first adrenaline rush of becoming a 'published author' still happens if, by the grace of God, my submission gets accepted by my publisher. And I thank my lucky stars every single day for shining down upon me. Because, let's be honest...I haven't always had the greatest luck.  I love being part of a publishing family and thank goodness I now have a great one!

However, under my other pseudo, the experience has been FAR from the same.  I was under the assumption (which could be my own fault), that when you are published through a publisher, you are part of that publishing FAMILY. Yet, when I visit my very first publisher's site, I do NOT see any existence of the persona I was published under. And it isn't just me who's missing. A few others seem to have never existed other than by listing IN that particular book. They don't have an "author tab" on that site. How hard is it to add EACH author? I compare it to being left out of the family photo.

I could be wrong, but even if you are only published in an anthology, doesn't that still QUALIFY you as an AUTHOR? Did I miss some sort of memo that states I'm unworthy of such a title? As far back as I recall, my CONTRACT states that my pseudo is an author at that house...regardless of how many books I've written for them. In fact, inside that anthology, I am listed as an author. So what exactly does this mean?

I sent in my bio for that least twice. Where is it? In fact, other than a SHORT write up about OUR anthology, there isn't any other mention on their blog. What truly perplexes me is that this book has been their 'top selling antho' for over a year! You'd think that would be worth something.

Their online "group" is not the 'family' they claim to be and you're made to feel welcome as long as you speak of down & dirty sexual acts on a daily basis. And there's quite a bit of hypocrisy and backbiting happening over there...just a FEW of the types of behavior I can't stand and refuse to be party to. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude. But isn't there more to life and writing than SEX? 

Is it because I couldn't stomach their policies or treatment? I couldn't find any inspiration there. At all. When sex without romance is in your face twenty-four-seven, it can make you feel disgusting. I couldn't find even a miniscule scrap of inspiration to write another story for them. Maybe that's the problem? I didn't send all of my work to THEM? As far as I know, my STORY may be exclusive to them, but I never sold my pseudo's soul or name to them. 

I don't share pictures of half-naked or fully naked men and women performing promiscuous acts UNLESS it's the bookcover for that particular book. Is that a reason to ignore an in-house author? Don't get me wrong...I have NO PROBLEM with people sharing those pics. What I do have a problem with is that it's more or less expected.  And if you don't post and share the same "themed" pictures and posts, you're made to feel inferior. 

In a "family" where the black sheep are actually the norm, does that make me the 'white lamb'? Are the rest of us not dark and dirty enough to be acknowledged? If that's the be it. I really have no problem with being labeled an 'outcast' along with my fellow authors who have been 'shunned'. In fact, I embrace it.

You see, it doesn't matter if they choose to acknowledge me (us) or not. At the end of the day, at least I know I'll be able to lay my head down and sleep with a clear conscience.  I haven't snubbed them, nor have I ever announced who "they" are. However, I won't be singing their praises either. Not even to make sales. Oh...did I mention that I was basically the only one who wanted that book to sell? I pimped that book everywhere I could afford to while the other "family" members focused on grabbing fans based on sexual preferences and lifestyles for their other books. There was no "family" mentallity when it came to that book. 

Thank God I NOW have an AMAZING publisher and family with Secret Cravings Publishing under THIS pseudo, Madison Sevier, and now I know why I had such reservations about the other publisher's false 'accolades'.  The fact remains, those of us who've been labeled as the "white sheep" have gone on to better places. And amazingly, we didn't have to sell our souls or post about our own personal sexual acts to do so. 

So, I ask you: What has been your experience with a publisher or publishers? Good? Bad? Ugly? Have you been the 'black or white lamb'?