Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lia Michaels Makes the Forbidden So Desirable!

                                 5 STARS!!

Let me begin by saying that I have never...(gasp) read 'Gay Romance'. I know, I know. Shame on me. But the truth is, it isn't because I had no desire's simply because I have so many books on my Kindle and with my own writing going on,  I can barely find time to read what I write. However, when I found out that Lia Michaels was publishing a brand NEW book with sassy Vixen Publishing, I tossed my "to-do" list to the side and dove right into this ebook.

And....WOW! Lia has taken Native American beliefs and has flawlessly combined them with characters who effortlessly draw you in to their lives. She has given the world a NEW way to look at our own instinctive beliefs, the stereotypes placed upon couples who love each other based on their gender and sexual preference. In fact, she goes so deeply into this that it gives you not only a new "perspective" but also. a great appreciation of what it means to love someone, to find your soulmate. (And having HOT guys on the cover, only adds to this pleasurable read.)

Now, an Excerpt: 
Ethan Quaderer is the Great Thunderbird, the creature of Native American legend. From childhood, Ethan soared high across the land, as one with the majestic bald eagles—only larger and more powerful. Great Thunderbird has one mission, to save the Native American people. But first, he must find his Chosen, his soul mate.

Abraham Tuttle grew up in a household where being different was unacceptable. Forbidden. He hid his true nature, a Two Spirit—not male or female, but both. For many Native American tribes, being Two Spirit is a blessing, one to be honored and revered. Not so for Abraham.

Through the Thunderbird dreams each finds the happiness they long for. One dreams of the Great Warrior who’d someday rescue him. The other dreams of the one he’s searched for through many lifetimes.

Dreams turn into reality when both men come face to face in the real world. Can Abraham find it within himself to let go of his past and embrace his future with Ethan, or will his doubts and fears of who and what he really is cause him to lose the only one who could ever complete him heart and soul?
Not only has Lia crafted a gripping tale built on the premise of soulmates, she's opened up an entirely new world for encouraging readers to find their own wings and truly 'fly' like the Great Spirits have always believed we should... without judgement, without hate and without fear. Her writing is truly superb and I have to...I need to believe that only someone who has experienced an encounter with a Great Spirit could know how to describe and virtually intoxicate readers the way Lia has. There truly is no way to describe the author's impeccable attention to detail and ability to make you believe you ARE there. 
Kudos, Lia Michaels! You've definitely caught the attention of this reader and I promise to make time for the next (HIGHLY ANTICIPATED) installment of this series.

NEW Series by Lorraine Nelson Will Leave You Breathless!

5 STARS!!!!!

The Inheritance, The Hudson Ranch Series, Book 1 by Lorraine Nelson is now on sale for the LOW price of 99 cents! 

I strongly urge you to go grab a copy to find out what the fuss is all about. I'm not one for giving away details of the story but as always, I will do my best to convince you that you NEED to read this book.

Excerpt: Time is running out for Zackary Hudson. He has a fierce desire to reunite with his estranged sons, but they're proving difficult to find. He hires a private investigator and the search begins in earnest.

In this new series by Lorraine Nelson, which has beautiful cover-art, she introduces us to the Hudsons. If you are familiar with Lorraine's Thunder Creek Ranch Series and the Manning family, then you already know how incredibly amazing her families are. Each features strong female leads, HOT ranchers and families that we all wish we knew personally. The Inheritance and the Hudsons are no different.

The Inheritance brings us Zackary Hudson, a man who's "clock is ticking", Bianca and Jeremiah, Zack's new wife and young toddler, and the search for Zack's three oldest children...triplets...and from the sounds of it, just as sexy as their father.

We find ourselves involved in the hunt to reunite a father kept away from his sons by an angry, vindictive ex-wife and though we are given thoughts and feelings of each of the main characters (even an insight into Zack's lawyer/friend, Bart) deepens the story and creates a "hit-home" scenario on an incredibly personal subject. 

I believe many readers, women and men alike will love this family. Their struggles, hopes and dreams are so believable, palpable that I became hooked from the get-go. The urgency is evident from the first page and the ending of this short story/introduction to The Hudson Ranch Series and dying to get your hands on the next book! I can honestly say...I NEVER saw this coming. Lorraine has crafted an entirely new addiction for me and I cannot wait to get my hot-little-hands on Book 2.

Way to go, Lorraine! This reader LOVED it and as always you pushed beyond my expectations! 

If you'd like to get a copy of The Inheritance, The Hudson Ranch Series, Book 1, you can now find it on Amazon here:

(As I said, it's ONLY 99 cents and you get an incredible amount of story for less than a dollar. You will NOT be disappointed!)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Release Day Party!!

'Anything You Want, River Jewel Resort Series Book 1' is now LIVE. To celebrate the release of this first book in my new series, I'm having a Facebook Party. Come on over and say hi, share your thoughts and be entered to win a free digital copy.

Here's a tidbit from 'Anything You Want':

Sydney Blake thought she had the ideal life. A dashing, successful husband and dream home were all she ever wanted. But everything wasn’t as perfect as she believed. When Sydney catches her husband, Roger, screwing another woman, Sydney files for divorce and falls into a deep depression.

 Her only friend, Alexandra, does everything she can to cheer Sydney up. Lexi even suggests a weekend getaway and ‘sex with a random stranger’ to get over her slimy cheating husband’s ways. But Sydney has always believed in marriage and everything it stands for. Besides, she wasn’t even divorced yet and Sydney still hoped that Roger and she would reconcile.

It became apparent Roger would never change and Sydney needed to go somewhere far away from her small town for a little while. Little did she know, she was destined to be a guest at the extravagant River Jewel Resort. After meeting the charming manager of the beautiful hotel, Mark Willburn, Sydney might just learn to let down her guard and find more than she ever knew she needed.

 Purchase Link: Secret Cravings Publishing Store